Friday, October 15, 2010

El DeBarge Plays Nashville- Toya 

I was all prepared to talk about this today but I simply can't. It's silly I know. I praise God that He installed some sort of delayed reaction part of my brain where things don't hit me until the next day. This is probably so I wouldn't try and lay my head on El DeBarge's chest yesterday and beg him to "sing pretty" to me.

I looked up this clip of him singing last night and almost burst into tears. Be warned, the sound of the video is horrible but he was flawless the entire night. He sounds BETTER than the records. How in the world???! I know how: God's grace and mercy. He made it abundantly clear yesterday that is why he is where he is today.

This...really...happened. It's too much to think about really. El DeBarge, my favorite (living) singer came to Nashville and not only did I get to hear these songs that mean so very much to me live but I got to meet him too? I am about to take some Kleenex to the bathroom and just let it all out.

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pinkwash said...

Just let it all out girl.