Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BGLU Beauty News- Prescriptives is (Sorta) Back!!!!!!- Toya

See, this is why I STAY on Twitter. I saw a tweet one day from Pretty In the Queen City about what cosmetic lines did women of color seem to love. I responded that I use MAC and used to use Prescriptives. Not too long after that I received a tweet from Prescriptives saying this:

@ Great news! We've made the decision to resume production of our top-selling products at this time. Visit .

Hello Super Line Preventor Serum.Oh how I've missed you.

Unlike many others, when I found out that Prescriptives had discontinued their line, I didn't rush to get my faves or buy a bunch of products to sell to desperate women on Ebay. I just wanted to quit cold turkey and bitterly find other alternatives. On the other hand, I felt bad for Tia because their Virtual Skin foundation is the only one she ever wears and she doesn't wear it that often. I'm not quite sure why they haven't yet put this good news easy to find on the front page of their website yet. Nevertheless I wanted you all to know that some of your faves are now in production and only available online including the aforementioned wonder working Super Line Preventor, select shades of Virtual Skin Foundation, their second to none Magic Powder (however not in the dark formula) and many other favorites. After receiving that tweet, I received another referring me to the website to chat live with a rep where I was free to ask which of my favorite Prescriptives products were going back into production. The live chat rep Jen was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions concerning which products were going to be available online. Sadly, the PX moisturizer for oily skin has been discontinued forever but she was able to recommend an alternative under the Estee Lauder umbrella. I am hoping in the future that they will provide a list on their website of products that will only be available online but until then, it is good to know that Prescriptives isn't gone forever. This is particularly helpful to me because I will be 36 in December and am in the market for a good eye cream. Be ye not deceived: black may not crack, but I have seen it crinkle. 

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