Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BGLU Beauty News- The *Magic Is Back at MAC- Toya

Dear MAC, *Brokeback Mountain voice* I just can't quit you!

Trying to stay fly on a budget is hard, especially when it comes to makeup and hair products. Trying to save money can backfire on you when you try to replace more expensive department store items with drugstore bargains. Just recently, I broke one of my own rules and that is to never compromise when it comes to foundation. Paying fifty bucks for the right shade beats paying ten bucks for a shade that doesn't match.

But desperate times call for desperate measures and so I tried to convince myself that I could ween myself off of MAC cosmetics for a cheaper brand. I spent some time on Youtube checking out makeup reviews (this has become my new online obsession) and decided to give CoverGirl's Queen Collection a try because it got good reviews. After going to five stores trying to find it *blank stare* I found that the shade I picked just wasn't the best match for me. So off I went back to MAC just like some shameful infidel trying to return to their ex after leaving them for someone they cheated with...and I'm glad I did because they now carry *trumpets sound*


Now if you are a big fan of Prescriptives like I was, this may mean a lot to you but for those that don't know what I am talking about, MAC's limited edition Disney Venomous Villains line includes an identical and less expensive version of Prescriptives innovative *Magic liquid powder called MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder. If you've never tried it, you must! It's a cooling powder that is 70% water that feels wet as it goes on and leaves a beautiful luminous glow.It just adds a certain dimension that highlights your face that to me has more of a glowing effect than a bronzer although you could probably use both but I really don't see the need. It is gorgeous and comes in two shades: Truth & Light for our porcelain skin sisters and Cajun for our chocolate skin sisters. When I was a counter manager for Prescriptives back in the day, this was the easiest item to sell because it was the hardest to resist once I put it on a customer. Now although Prescriptives has announced that they are putting their best selling products back into production to be sold online, the *Magic powder for dark skin will not be included. And even though the Cajun powder is one of MAC's limited edition products, a little birdie told me that it may stick around longer after the Villain line expires!

*sits down to write another letter*

Dear Prescriptives, I'll be turning 36 this year so I will be hollerin' at you for some eye cream but until then, it's MAC for the win. Be blessed and have a nice day.

For more info on MAC's Venomous Villains line, go to

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