Friday, September 3, 2010

You Done Good Girl!: Gabi Gregg
If you don't already know, Gabi Gregg is the business. The Detroit native's blog for "fun sized girls" as I like to call us, Young, Fat and Fabulous, has been a God send for any woman who is in love with fashion and doesn't fit into the industry's "perfect"mold (Actually, the blog really is for anyone that loves to look fly, quite honestly). She recently beat out over 5,000 contestants to become MTV's first TJ (Twitter Jockey) and get this: won a $100,000 contract to boot! Just goes to show where working your passion, stepping outside the box and being happy with who you are can get you. Gabi's already off to a great start filling us in on what's going on with this year's VMA's, exclusive interviews, and of course MTV fashion. Follow her at @MTVTJ on Twitter and be sure to visit her blog on You done good girl!

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