Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's BGLU's First Video Blog!!!!!


So we finally did it. We made a video blog! We got the idea from a friend of  mine named Abbie who hipped us to Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block’s R&B slow jam internet show “DDub’s Back Rub”. She played a little bit for me and because of my initial reaction, she made me promise that I would record Tia and I listening to an episode together for the first time. Taping this was a blast and we hope you get some giggles out of it. Now keep in mind that I (Toya) am not all that computer savvy so we can’t edit this video down from its 15 minutes. Also excuse my hair because I just came from the gym. I really wish I could edit the end when one of my roommates started banging on the door (long story).

Now we mention this in the video but I want to make this clear: we are not hating on Donnie Wahlberg. We are New Kids fans forever. But if you have been reading our blog long enough you know that no one is exempt from getting clowned when they do things that are clown worthy. And I’m not going to lie: although we clowned it, I probably will be listening to the next Back Rub episode when it comes out. The slow jams are great once you get pass…well, you’ll just have to watch our video and see what I mean.

To listen to DDub’s Back Rub online, go to on Friday nights at 8 pm Pacific. Consider our video your warning though.We are looking to do more video blogs and would love to get your comments and ideas.


Christina said...

Loved the video. Donnie does get freaky on the backrub. He's a lover and can't help it. I love the songs that he chooses. Also love that on his request show, he played my request and said my name. He does work in an NK song here and there but not every episode. He totally changed my Friday nights with his show. I will be in heaven this fall with him on my tv and in my ears. BTW, the show is awesome if you listen with really good headphones.

Christina said...

Had to post the playlist from one of my fave DDUB's R&B Backrub shows.

Show 26 - July 9, 2010
Keith Sweat - How Deep Is Your Love
Blackstreet - Don't Leave Me
Ready For The World - Love You Down
The Stylistics - You Are Everything
Usher - Nice And Slow (Instrumental)
Maxwell - The Suite Theme
New Kids On The Block - Stare At You
Silk - Sexcellent
Boyz II Men - Uhh Ahh
Jordan Knight - Tender Love
Maxwell - This Woman's Work

deevinej23 said...

Nice work grrls! I was rollin alot, especially over your facial expressions at certain moments. Donnie sounds like he's channeling his inner Al B. Sure or somebody. You better watch out for those type of guys...Tia. lol!

Anne Marie said...

I was in tears for most of this.we clown because we care. new slogan!

Nikki D said...

LOL!!! Too funny y'all!!! I have to agree, Donnie is actin' a bit "extra" with this show.

Niki said...

Damn, I wish I was hanging with ya'll when you were listening to this for the first time! Hilarious! You are my "friends in the head" for real!

Mark, come snatch up your big brother! Really, Donald?! LOL Music selection is a yes, but he needs to stop sounding like a serial killer LOL

Alexis said...

I am done with y'all!!! Y'all are a mess!! Audibly violated? Hahaha

This is great. can't wait for the next video blog!

I'm sure a tweetup isn't too far in the future =)

Danielle said...

LOL I can't stop laughing! Please do another video blog soon because you two are hilarious.

lei said...

Everytime his voice came on, I turned down the volume. I didn't find it sexy at all. I was embarassed for him and people know that Donnie has been my fave since I was 10, but "no!". It was just weird.

Christine said...


melanie said...

i feel i must go exfoliate after that.... dirty bird, donnie. ladies, you did not disappoint. in fact, i made you a present.

AptLife said...

This made my night! *dead* Honestly, the commentary made his radio show listenable. Donnie, what are you doing lol

In regards to the roommate: did she think you were too loud?

Tia and Toya said...


No we were using my roommates room (she had more room in hers and the lighting was way better) and I thought she was still house sitting. I had no idea that she was getting back that night and she was exhausted. I felt sooooo bad but it's all good.

AptLife said...

Oh okay! I thought she was complaining lol

Mazraz said...

Why have i only just discovered u guys!!! i'm in stitches here in the uk!!! the slang LOL couldn' be more true!!!! When i played a back rub session to my friend, well just lets say *cough* we didn't go all the way and this was a edited version without the tunes in between not even a break it was like bam bam bam lol! Its one of those thing that ya feel dirty but if it was just u and him daaammmnnn!! lol i'm sooo sharing this with the UK blockheads Cracks me up!!! x

ToyaBGLU said...

Thanks Maz and welcome!!! If you check our tags on the side you will see that we are Blockheads and have PLENTY of NKOTB posts so feel free to catch up. Check out our reviews of the NKOTBSB tour, our review of when we both got to meet them, and more.