Friday, September 17, 2010

Hot Mess Championships- 2010 MTV VMA's

*Miss Celie Voice* Its late, it's short, but it's here! By God it's here! My 2010 VMA awards recap. I almost didn’t do this for this year because overall I was kinda “meh” about the VMA’s. They weren’t great but they weren’t really a hot mess either. Nevertheless, here is my take:

VMA Pre-Show:
  • I need to see Snooki and Lil' Kim next to each other because I am not fully convinced they aren't the same person. And did they just call her a fashion icon?! But…*sigh*
  • How is it that they hyped up Nicki Minaj all throughout the pre-show as being so important to hip hop and this performance could not be further from hip hop? What is this? The thing is, I don’t exactly hate it (don’t love it either) but honestly, it makes me miss Missy Elliot. Where is SHE?
  • Jen just said “Well that was just uncomfortable & weird, and Will I Am looked like a plastic Jermaine Jackson.” I…I can’t. I cannot! LOL!
  • I can't get over that we have starving people in the US but we can make a Jackass 3D.

Aaaaaaand here come the Hot Mess Championships 2010…

  • This AMAZING set almost explains why Katy Perry’s outfit, while not terrible, looks like she just came from performing in the Ice Capades. Is this year’s VMA’s going to be an “On Ice” production? I mean, it’s MTV. Anything is possible.

  • Your girl Ke$ha looks like she is wearing something from the Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome collection.

  • Whenever Eminem’s performances remind me of him as B Rabbit in 8 Mile, I immediately have to repent. Please keep me in your prayers and remember that we all fall short of the glory.

  • Am I right in thinking that Rihanna has on Madonna's "Like a Virgin" outfit from the VMA's in the 80's on purpose? *Shrug* I think she looks adorable.

  • I have finally stopped calling Drake “Wheelchair Jimmy” because of his run on Degrassi but Jared Leto, not so much. He is still Jordan Catalano from My So Called Life, I still want him to perform “Red” and his starter mullet is giving us the fever right now.

  • Ok, WHY does Justin Bieber's performance seem to be more hip hop than Nicki Minaj's?! What is happening in the world?

  • People are going in on Twitter about them saying Kim Kardaschian is a fashion icon but no one says anything about them saying that about SNOOKI?!

  • I’ve been underwhelmed with Usher as of late so I am glad to say that his performance was great! I don’t understand this “Europop” direction but hey, if this is what is helping you stay relevant *shrug*. We’ve seen Janet’s career. No diss. Just saying.
  • Florence and the Machine: Church Mother Florence (as I like to call her) just got on stage and prophesied over the VMA’s that “the dog days are over”. I am not mad at her at all! It’s almost like she just redeemed this whole thing, much like how I feel during the gospel portion of the BET Awards. I receive!
  • Taylor Swift: That set is the business! "32 is still growing up now." "Who you are is not what you did". Write Taylor!!! Forget about vocals (this time); to publicly forgive and show grace to someone who just a year ago publicly embarrassed you is next level humility. I loved her performance.
  • It is about time. I am FINALLY wowed by a Drake performance!
  • While typing up this review I realize that it’s been almost a week since Bruno Mars came on stage at the VMA’s and Christine yelled "Stevie B!” I’m still not breathing correctly. Foolish!
  • Hayley from Paramore is currently my worship leader thanks to their song “The Only Exception”. Yes indeed! Gets me every time.
  • These mini performance before the commercial breaks kill me. It’s like they take an artist that is desperately on the come up and tell them to get REALLY hyped for about a minute and a half like it’s their big break or something. This is the part of the show where they reminded us that Robyn is back and she went hard! On my Twitter timeline were a bunch of people asking who this Pink wannabe is. Please do not sleep on Robyn. She was out before Pink.
  • Linkin Park huh? *shrug* Well at least it's not Limp Bizkit. *shudders*.
  • Cher: *blank stare* I am almost positive that the idea to wear her outfit from the “If I Could Turn Back Time” video was a better idea on paper. Hey I can’t hate. I can’t wear my clothes from that year so” A” for effort!
  • For someone that is not performing (on stage anyway) Lady Gaga is getting an awful lot of attention during this award show. I won’t give her much more then.
  • Kanye’s closing performance: I freaking love Kanye West. I just do. I will say that I didn't realize certain words were acceptable on TV now. I haven’t fully processed his performance as of yet but I will say this: his and Taylor’s performances remind me much of when Rihanna and Whitney Houston on the American Music Awards last year: both have been through a lot but only one seems to be handling their circumstances in a way that seems to be healthy. We’ll see.

  • I would take Chelsea Handler over Russell Brandt as a VMA host any day of the week. I think she did a good job overall.
Alright, that’s my take. Whatcha got?

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