Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank You Walter Hawkins- Toya

One of the things I hate about Twitter is when someone tweets that someone has passed away. That’s how I found out about the passing of Walter Hawkins. I grew up on the music of Walter Hawkins and he is a very vital part of my life’s soundtrack. He was a legendary genius. My mom said it best when she said that he “was doing Contemporary Gospel Music before it was Contemporary Gospel Music.”

Sometimes when you grow up surrounded by music there are certain things you don't really appreciate until you are an adult. It wasn't until I left my parents vinyl and got my own music did I realize how much of a trailblazer Hawkins was. I remember putting on "Keep On Fighting" and being blown away by the musicianship. I think I was so use to certain gospel artists trying to be the "Christian version" of something mainstream that I finally got to see how truly original he was in his music.

The older you get, the more heroes you see pass away and it’s hard. His music, influence and message will live on as only excellent music can do. Here’s one of his greats…

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deevinej23 said...

I heard about his passing thru Facebook. That seriously bummed me out. I also grew up on his and his brother's music as well as Andre Crouch. Just like you, it feels like another chipping away of any connection to childhood with each passing. On ITunes, there's a tribute podcast featuring alot of the fave tunes such as I'm Goin Away, Be Grateful, Changed among others.