Tuesday, June 22, 2010

They fixed the video AND I got my 2000+ votes back!!! -Toya

Why do I have a feeling that someone besides me notified them about the technical difficulties? *Shrug*

If you would like to still vote for me to get my own talk show on Oprah's OWN Network, I sure would love it. Also, if I do make it to past the semi-finals, there is a reality show portion. Oh I will need prayer FOR REAL. But for now, let's just see what happens. Thanks for your votes everyone! Click here to view my video entry and to vote.

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Eve said...

Looks GREAT, Toya! You're going places. It's even an inspiration to me, because I'm also passionate about passion ... on a career & academic level though. As an Academic Advisor at a university, I COMPLETELY know what you mean about helping people find their genius!

Keep us up-to-date!