Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Well here we are again. Just when you think I've fallen off the face of the earth I come stomping back in with news and updates and all that jazz. As I sit here waiting patiently for the FedEx guy, I figured I would fill you in (i.e ramble on until I get bored) about stuff I like and stuff that's going on. So let's begin.

- As of tomorrow I officially live in Nashville. NYC was NOT IT for me. The great job that I had turned into part time work. And part time work in the city does not cut it...PERIOD. And call me selfish or whatever, but I WISH I would work 3 jobs to live in a city that I don't really like. Don't get me wrong. NYC is a great place to visit. But (insert Big Pun's It's So Hard here) it was just too hard for me. The people are so HARSH. Driving is a constant test of patience and grace. And that winter almost killed me. I walked outside after it snowed 14 inches and just started cursing. So after some prayer and searching I realized that my heart was really back in the south, closer to my family and friends. Closer to Wal-marts and people who say y'all. I welcome the humidity and giant insects with open arms.

Joking aside, one of the main reasons for wanting to move back to Nashville is so that I can get a handle on my destiny. For the last 4 years, I've felt like I was doing nothing more than existing. Running this way and that with no direction. I realized that I want my days to count for something. I want to make an impact on the world around me. And frankly, I don't want to have to do that while worrying about how I'm going to make it to job number 3 so that I can have enough money to eat AND pay rent. So I'm basically taking a time out if you will. While I will be working and traveling, at the end of the day I will be coming HOME. And my prayer is that in those times of being home and being settled I can begin to see what it is that I was expressly designed to do. So this is definitely a To Be Continued story....But just as an aside, the Lord would have to part the clouds and skywrite with his sovereign hand to get me to move again. I'm sooooooo over moving I don't know what to do.

- Apparently black women are the problem
For every article I've read recently about black women being their own problem, there are probably a dozen more. The general consensus is that black women are too much and not enough at the same time. We spend too much time on our careers. But don't contribute enough to the household. We're too independent and not strong enough. We need to know our place, sit down and shut up. UGH!!!!

I'm BEYOND over it. So basically I should work a job that's below my caliber, style myself in some old fashioned way, keep my mouth shut, keep my home tidy, not be funny, keep my figure tight, have no opinion and THEN I can hope to have a man.....Survey says XXX.
Here's the thing: I'm awesome. As TWIB said, I manufacture AWESOME. I'm not going to change that to find a man. And frankly, if I some man wants me to change to be with him he's clearly not man enough to stand by my side.

Of course I want to get married and have a couple of babies...but at what cost. If I can't be me and have those things then I'll just be me without them. I can't change who I am. Well, I could. But I don't want to...If I change the factory I may not be able to manufacture the AWESOME anymore.
Here's a great article on This Week In Blackness that sums up some fantastic points.

- Summer Traditions
I know some of you have traditions that officially jump start your summer. Maybe it's a BBQ on Memorial Day or a trip to the beach. For me the summer officially begins when I get my first sew in. That's right, I start my summer with WEAVE. (Before you ask, YES, I saw Good Hair.)

I spend almost EVERY Saturday by the pool. As one who rocks natural hair, sun, heat, humidity and the pool do not do much for my natural press. I will sweat out a press faster than you can heat up your CHI. So in order to spend the least amount of time doing my hair and the most amount of time by the pool, I go from this
to this at the beginning of every summer.
It's like a Christmas (in July) miracle. (My brother has asked me to stop Blue Steeling it up in every photo. I simply can't...and won't.)

- I should be embarrassed...
but I'm not. I somehow got sucked into watching Gossip Girl a few weeks ago. It was that Chuck Bass person. I was utterly intrigued by how heartless he seemed to be. I couldn't believe that anyone could willfully act that way. And as it was the season finale, I now have this itching, almost uncontrollable urge to see the episodes that preceded it. Like I said, I should be embarrassed, but I'm really not.

- My dream job
Everyone has a dream job. Mine is to be the person who selects the music for television shows. I'm not sure what the title of that job is but if anyone knows, please hit me up.

I am constantly intrigued by the songs that I discover while watching one of my favorite shows. I think Bones may be the best. I usually keep my phone in my hand, with the Shazam app open while watching it because that show consistently plays something that I immediately fall in love with and must have.

Thanks to the season finale I am helplessly in love with One Eskimo. Their take on Candi Staton's He Called Me Baby is RIDICULOUS.

And it's songs like this that make me want to be the person who gets to choose the songs like these that touch people like me.

I have more to say but I must now call FedEx and make someone go find my package.



Christina said...

The music supervisor is usually the one who picks the music for television shows.

Patricia said...

I have fallen into the Gossip Girl trap as well. I even like Taylor Momsen's band Pretty Reckless. However, more importantly when Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass) is interviewed and he speaks with his real British accent I get little butter flies. I should be 'shamed but I refuse to be, there is something about that man.

AptLife said...

Welcome back. I stopped watching Gossip Girl after S1, so good luck. Right now I'm trying to figure out if I should start looking into Vampire Diaries.

I understand what you went through in NYC, I just went for a 4 day vacay and by day 2, I knew I couldn't live there. Even though I'm a Jersey girl! I'm looking into Seattle and Denver right now.