Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Prince!!!!- Toya

I mean, he is bad for no reason!!!! No reason at ALL. This is the only man I would marry that I would allow to be prettier than me. You can’t upgrade this, I’m sorry. Prince has given us so much timeless music and is the blueprint for longevity and musical integrity. I thank him for this. In honor of his birthday, here are my top 10 favorite Prince songs of all time. God bless you today, Mr. Nelson.

1. When 2 R In Love- Some random personal fact about me: I have a CD of songs that as a single woman is umm....well set aside until the time is right and that time will be no sooner than my wedding day. With that said, there is definitely some Prince on there. This song was one of the first added.

2. The Ballad of Dorothy Parker- There is a part in this song, about the second verse, that I rewind at least 6 times whenever I listen to it. This song is all around clever.

3. Crazy U- I think this song is less than 3 minutes long. It's very sweet.

4. Housequake- I was having a not so hot day a few days ago and Michael Baisden played it out the blue. No warning, nothing. I have no idea what I was upset about. I don't even want to know how I looked to the people driving around me cause I went absolutely nuts.

5. Adore- Obviously.

6. Pop Life- I remember almost running up and smacking a DJ upside the head for playing this one night. This song is always on time.

7. Alphabet Street- Instant happiness.

8. Girls and Boys- Under the Cherry Moon may be one of the most ridiculous movies ever made (Wrecka Stow) but it yielded some of my favorite songs. This is one of them.

9. Anotherloverholeinyahead- Another song off of Under the Cherry Moon that I love.

10. Slow Love- Refer to #1

Honorable mention: Untitled (How Does It Feel)-D'Angelo. The best song Prince never wrote.

Those are my ten! What are yours?

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