Thursday, May 20, 2010

BGLU Approved: Just Wright Hits

Just a Little Too Close to Home- Toya

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may be hip to a few things: my love for Common and my unfortunate winning streak for attracting some of the most emotionally unavailable men on the planet. So when I saw the trailer for Just Wright which showed Leslie Wright’s (Queen Latifah) date label her as good people who would make some other man a lucky man someday, I thought I was going to die. Actually, I thought someone should cut me a check.

But the similarities didn’t stop there. As I sat with my Godsister Nikki in the theater, I glared at her as other similarities to my own life continuously popped up throughout the movie. Her relationship with her wanna be Mr. Fix It father (played by Grey’s Anatomy’s James Pickens Jr.) very much mirrored my own. Her desire to just be herself and not worry about what she needs to wear and act like in order to catch a man also reminded me a lot of myself. And when they got to the state of her beat up car and how she tried to maintain her dignity whenever she chose to valet? I looked at Nikki and said “Are you kidding me?! I am about to walk out.” It’s one thing to live through it but it’s another thing to have to sit and squirm as you watch your unfortunate love life (so far) being played out on the screen. Oh but Common made it so much easier in every single scene.

You think you know Common is gorgeous but trust. You don’t. His face is breathtaking at times. Seriously, there were moments where his face would show up on the screen and I stopped breathing. I mean he is…

(What about the acting Toya?)


Ok, I will be honest and say that Common has a lot of growing to do as an actor and it was very evident in his debut role as a leading man. There were certain emotions that he played out better than others (he does salty REALLY well). But you know what? Will Smith wasn’t all that hot at first either. You can’t count Fresh Prince of Bel Air because he spent about six seasons playing himself in front of the camera. All in all, Common did an ok job.

Why do I recommend this movie? Well besides it being good and we need to support more films that show black people loving each other and not fighting each other, it’s a good reminder that it pays to stray true to yourself. It reminds me of one of my favorite stories in the bible about Rebekah, Isaac’s wife. Isaac’s father Abraham sent his servant out to find a wife for his son Isaac. He came upon Rebekah who was busy at work. She was a warm woman of character that loved to help others. Not only did she provide him water but gave some to his camels and then hooked the weary traveler up with a place to stay. He took notice of this and the rest is history.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I need the reminder to just be my best self. I am not putting down books and self help whatevers that try to help single women find love but for some of us, that can get really stressful. I have said it before: women can often get bogged down by feeling like we are doing too much of one thing and not enough of something else and that is why we are still single. Although a lot of people consider Just Wright to be predictable, I applaud this movie for showing us that love can find you when you are busy doing you and loving yourself. Definitely go see it!


Talulazoeapple said...

Ohh Girl I loved this review. I, too, felt the discomfort of having the character Leslie's situations hit too close to home.

I agree that Common is breathtaking on screen. It is so refreshing to see black love, any love that is real onscreen.

Love the blog BTW. Keep up the good work.

Glo said...

I totally agree with you on Common's acting. It was...bad...

I say go support if you must or...just Red Box this movie.

In other news, Ms. Rashad looked fabulous and Paula Patton was convincing until the end when she grows a heart and sends Common off to chase down Queen...

AMIT said...

Great written about him.

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AptLife said...

Yes just saw the movie last week. I too felt uncomfortable watching some parts because I could relate. I wish we had more black movies like this, I don't think I've seen one since Something New came out!

AptLife said...

I agree about the Paula Patton character's reaction when she realized she was getting dumped. Very anti-climatic, I wanted her to have a freakout. But in retrospect, I'm happy they gave her another layer, however late.