Friday, May 21, 2010

Toya's Random Musings

1. I feel you Janet. I feel you girl. *fist bump to the chest* 25 lbs down and I'm right there with ya.

2. *Pulls out pen* Dear Shonda Rhimes, You are not allowed to turn Grey's Anatomy into ER. Thank you and Good day.

WHAT THE #$%@??!!!!! I won't spoil it for yall that haven't seen last night's season finale yet but if you have high blood pressure, please take your medicine and perhaps read a spoiler website first. I go waaaay back with Patrick Dempsey. I mean "Can't Buy Me Love", "Loverboy" and "Happy Together" on VHS way back. No, ma'am. Stop playin'.

I'm not gonna lie though. There is a part of me that was hoping in honor of Biggie's birthday this week that at the end of the episode, Meredith would wake up and realize she was having a bad dream while McDreamy comes out of the shower while they started to play "Juicy" ("It was all a dream...") Oh well. They didn't ask me so...

3. And while I am writing letters: Brett Michaels, we love you. Please sit down somewhere and get well. Oh my Jesus. *nail biting*

Brett Michaels was taken to the hospital yesterday not too long after he was released just last week. This time it was due to a warning stroke. They also found out there is a hole in his heart. Tia and I have seen Poison together at least twice and we love them. I have been wanting to play "Fallen Angel" for the past two weeks but I can't bring myself to do it. Get well Brett.

4. Justin Bieber's BET nomination: seriously, I don't see why this is even an issue and I'm not even a fan. What SHOULD be an issue is the foolishness BET gives awards to in the first place. Lil' Wayne gets an award last year for talking about how he wants to have sex with every girl in the world but this is a problem? They can give Justin Bieber a Pullitzer for "Baby" for all I care as long as he is not disrespecting women in his videos and telling girls to take their clothes off in his songs. No one sneezed when Robin Thicke was nominated. Does Bieber need to start dating Malia Obama for him to get a "pass"? I'm so done. Oh and while we are talking about today's "artists", allow me to pen another letter:

Dear Today's "Artists" on the Radio Right Now, 90% of you sound like this:

Autotune is supposed to correct your pitch not make you sound like you recorded your album on the Millenium Falcon. TURN IT DOWN or TURN IT OFF!

5. A friend of mine who hasn't seen Just Wright yet graciously told me that we don't have to see it this weekend because I have already seen it. When don't I want to see Common on the big screen for almost two hours?

Yes, please and to God be the glory.

6. Confession: I hate when people abbreviate words. I hate when people say "deets" for details, "sitch" for situation, and please oh please don't waste a text with the letter "k" for ok. The "o" is right there for crying out loud! It's right above the "k"! Glad I got that off of my chest.

7. One week from today Carrie and them hit the big screen again for Sex and The City Part 2. I don't know what is going to happen with Aiden in the mix but I am psyched. If you are in Nashville, check out the Sex and the City Nashville's website for a great event called Sexy for the Cure. Sexy for the Cure is benefiting Women Rock for the Cure which raises money for a cure to breast cancer. Tickets are still available and include a ticket to the movie, a pre-party at Yolos Restaurant, a walk on the pink carpet (how cute) and the after party at Crow's Nest. Some of my girls and me are going and I can't wait!

8. Yesterday I posted a video from Eric Marc Katz called "You Don't Attract the Wrong Men, You Accept the Wrong Men" and it made an excellent point. A lot of women have chemistry way too high on their priority list. I am not saying that chemistry is not important. It is a must. I wouldn't marry anyone I didn't have great chemistry with. But a lot of us have stayed in foolishness because we don't always acknowledge that it is indeed possible to have great chemistry with the wrong guy. Off the top of my head I can think of five men I have great chemistry with: One is gay, two are bisexual, one has a drinking problem and the last one is practically a fetus. Don't let chemistry blind you. Chances are if I can rattle off five I get along great with there is bound to be one I haven't met yet who is the right one for me.

9. Operation South Beach Diet goes down this weekend after I visit Coldstone for some Oreo Cookie Filling Ice Cream. Pray my strength as bread and I break up for at least two weeks.

10. My mom turned 60 last Saturday. As I looked across the room at her surprise birthday party, I could not get over how truly beautiful she is. She looks better than she ever has and she is so happy. Her favorite scripture is Proverbs 31. She lives by it. Interestingly enough it says in verse 30 "Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." As people one by one stepped up to the mic to talk about how much she has helped them through difficult times in their lives, I couldn't help but be so proud of her. Her beauty although evident on the outside runs deep. I think that's something we could all strive for.

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