Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Toya's Random Musings

1. Pandora Internet Radio and I are currently having a passionate love affair of which no man can put asunder. Since Yahoo Launch did me dirty and changed their format which killed my 1200+ song radio station that took me years to build, I was a little apprehensive about Pandora. However today when I constructed my Girls Rock! station, I was pleasantly surprised with their artists recommendations. So far my station consists of India.Arie, Feist, Fleetwood Mac, Santigold, The Noisettes, Paramore, Joi, Amel Larrieux, Alice Smith, and a hodge podge of others. You're welcome to check it out but if Gucci Mane creeps up for some unknown reason remember that (1) I just created it today and am still editing their recommendations and (2) the devil is busy.

2. Nashville Flood- I love this city so much. We are really pulling together. Sometimes you don't realize how much you love something until it is in danger. We really have a sense of pride for this town that I think a few of us took for granted. Me being a Yankee snob is out the window. I really long to see us get through this.

We are getting national attention finally which makes me ask, where is Anderson Cooper? I'm just saying. We can't get Anderson Cooper down here? And Brad Pitt, you don't want to come down here and rebuild some homes off of I-24 like you did in New Orleans? Ok, it's not that deep but I mean, I'd like to see yall.

Here is a moving video that Michael Deppisch did to capture some early devastation. It has gotten much worse since he filmed this, especially downtown.

On top of this Grand Ole Opry is flooded as well as Opryland hotel and the mall with our ONLY Forever XXI, Opry Mills Mall! Where is my office first aid kit? That last one might require me getting out the smelling salt.

3. Speaking of the flood, last night I was looking at places to get a second job to wipe out my debt. As much as I want to move forward with dreams and such, it's hard with this monkey on my back. I don't even want to know what my credit score looks like after being unemployed for eight months and not being able to pay some of my bills. However, I need to put my big girl panties on and face the music soon. Everywhere I looked online that would allow me to work in the evening is currently under water. This is a great time for a miracle! Trying to keep my hopes up.

4. Is it even fair for Nicole Scherzinger to be on Dancing with the Stars? I mean, really.

5. There is someone in my space who constantly needs attention...which is exactly why I don't give them any. Needy people is in my top 4 list of pet peeves behind traffic, rude people, and rude people in traffic.

6. Tia got to go to the screening of Just Wright, the new movie with Queen Latifah and Common last week in NYC. You probably think I was jealous right? Me? Jealous? You're damn right.

Recently Common has been making the rounds promoting the movie in character as Scott McKnight at Lane Bryant in-store appearances.

Lane Bryant Pentagon City come see me DC! on Twitpic">

I don't know who Common's publicist or manager is but I would like to send them a bouquet of flowers for showing some love to the curvy girls. This is what's up!

7. Twitter: Ever other day I consider cancelling my Twitter account. It started off being for BGLU readers but then everyone and their crazy uncle got on Twitter and it gets a little weird sometimes. I think I just want one for friends. Discussing reality shows and award shows on Twitter has become one of my favorite pastimes so maybe I won't cancel it altogether.

8. Elon James of This Week in Blackness has one more time to say something that makes me fall out of my chair before I propose to him. This mess right here (Warning: profanity)? Classic!

9. We can kill the word "swagger" now. Seriously, it was on life support the minute Randy Jackson said it on American Idol. And besides, you can't really be under 40 and have swagger. You know why? Swagger is for GROWN men. Exhibit A: Billy Dee Williams...

The defense rest.

10. I really miss Tia. For some reason though I feel like when she moves here we may not live in the same place for long. Gettin' that feelin' again...

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