Sunday, May 2, 2010

Toya's Boyfriend of the Month- Pete Cashmore

Does anyone remember when I used to do Toya's Boyfriend of the Month? It just seemed like it was either Common or Mos Def for months at a time so I let it go but Pete Cashmore, the CEO of  has given me a reason to revive this segment of our blog. Now I'm not tech savvy to say the least. Anything that has to do with a tech or HTML problem on this blog is handled by Tia because I will ruin things to the point of this blog being unrecognizable. However, whenever I click on a link about social networking and it's something that Pete Cashmore has to say, I turn into Monica Geller from the Vegas episode on Friends: "This just got interesting!"

This tech cutie is from Scotland and is 24 years old which may make me want to maybe reconsider two items on my deal breaker list: long distance relationships and must be old enough to rent a car. I'm just sayin'.

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