Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today's Smack in the Face Brought to You be Evan Marc Katz:
"You Don't Attract the Wrong Men,
You ACCEPT the Wrong Men."- Toya

Did you hear that? It was the sound of hundreds of light bulbs going off.

I noticed that our blog was getting some hits from the
Black Women Deserve Better's website so I decided to check over there to see what was crackin'. While perusing, I read the title of one of their featured articles by "You Don't Attract the Wrong Men, You ACCEPT the Wrong Men". It was like a grenade went off in the office. "Do I even need to read this article?" I thought. I mean, the title says enough. A preacher could get up in a pulpit, say that one sentence, and then do an altar call to which I would bet rows of women would come forward in repentance. I would probably lead the pack.

I fully believe that words have power and because of this, I will no longer declare that I am the Statue of Liberty for emotionally unavailable men. Now it does seem like there is a certain type that enters my space every now and again but I refuse to say I attract them anymore. I'm done saying that. I will now take full responsibility for what I have allowed to take up my time and heart space. I didn't do that because there were no other options . I did that because I was too impatient to believe that there were any.

As if the title alone wasn't enough to set you free, here is a video by
Evan Marc Katz , the featured dating coach in the aforementioned article, for further explanation...


C. said...

reminds me of "break up with him in your mind" :)

AMIT said...

Good post by you.

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