Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nashville Flood 2010- Toya

Let me start out by saying that I am fine. I live on a hill and while that is nervewrecking when it snows, I see now that it is a blessing when it rains. I have no idea what the streets below look like but thanks to Twitter and other social networks, I am getting to see pictures like the one above of the YMCA up the street. DAMN!

I learned a new word today: unpotable. I of course pronounced it "unpottable" as I ran downstairs to tell my roommate Grace "Hey someone said something about the water being unpottable in about 3 hours? What does that mean?" She immediately got up to fill the bathtub and I went and filled up every recycled water bottle in the house.

I have a burning urge to go up the street and get some bottled water. Yeah, me and hundreds of other people right now. I really do. I also want to contribute some money to New Orleans and others affected by Katrina. This isn't even the half of what they went through.

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