Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Sex and the City 2 Weekend- By Toya

"Carrie!!!!" Carrie Bradshaw came on the screen last night on Sex and the City 2 and I yelled her name like she just scored the Lakers' winning basket in this year's NBA finals (Go Lakers!). I love me some Carrie Bradshaw. It took me a long time to warm up to Sex and the City because at first, there seemed to be no reason for me to watch it. (I mean, I'm not having sex and I don't live in the city sooooo...). But towards the end of the series, I kept hearing people say things to me like "You are such a 'Carrie' " or "You're like the black Carrie Bradshaw". I figured that I needed to see what this is all about. After an evening marathon with some girlfriends who were already big fans of the series, I was hooked.

I went to see SATC2 Friday as part of the fabulously sexy Sexy for the Cure event downtown put on by my girls at MEPR Agency and The Social Butterfly. It was so neat to see such a diverse group of ladies out on the town dressed up in their cutest cocktail dresses and SATC inspired outfits. I went for a more "Weekend Carrie" look, if you will: an over sized silver shimmery top, lots of beads and feathered accessories and some liquid black leggings topped off with a simply Gap denim jacket. It was fun!

I think the thing I like about the Carrie Bradshaw character is that she is in her mid-thirties, she's grown yet she's youthful. She also doesn't seem to mind that she wears things that often make no sense. I envy that and wish I had the guts and the budget to do the same. The above pic was my absolute favorite out of all of hers and really, to wear that in the "hot as the Middle East" Middle East is absurd...and I loved the heck out of it.

I persuaded my friend Melanie the Wise Pixie of Yes I Have (That's her in the pic with me from the You may remember her) to walk down The Pink Carpet with me as we took pictures and talked to online reporters about what we were wearing and why we were "sexy for the cure". A close friend of mine's mother recently kicked the crap out of breast cancer and from what I hear she looks absolutely amazing. It felt great to celebrate survivors like her.

We all piled into the movie theater with baited breath to see what our four favorite NYC girls were up to two years later from the last SATC movie. I pushed all the bad reviews out of my mind because truthfully, you can't trust those. I have come to find that like music, movies are personal. Your perspective and where you are in life greatly influence how you receive a film. Just Wright didn't have the best reviews but I am willing to bet that most, if any, of those critics watched it from the perspective of a 35 year old single,black, girl next door type who is always "the homie".

The previews of upcoming movies were some of the best previews I have seen in a long time but the one that stuck out greatly was the trailer for Eat, Love, Pray starring Julia Roberts. I sunk in my chair as she lamented how their was a great big world out there full of color, beauty, and wonder that she has yet to see. "I feel you girl" I sighed to myself sensing that is the running theme this year. I looked over to my friend Melanie who just that day celebrated her last day at her job. Because she also feels that life is too short to be spinning your wheels, she decided to quit and go to Rwanda to "hold babies". I get it.

I loved Sex and the City 2. For as realistic as a Hollywood chick flick can get, I felt it did a good job of asking what happens after a single girl, known for being single, is suddenly not single anymore. It seems as if the entire series revolved around three of these girls (you know Samantha isn't really trying to be tied down...not in marriage anyway) wanting to be married and settled down. But then what? Is there a happily ever after? It depends.

Without spoiling it, I was furious with Carrie for a number of reasons in this film but I learned some good lessons from her mistakes of thinking that marriage could be just like being single but with perks. For the first time ever, I liked Big. I have hated Big all of my days but he really surprised me in this one. I like how he stuck with her. He had been married before and had screwed up before but as he reminded Carrie, he's a grown up. A grown up that takes his vows seriously. Crazy enough, I read one of the last interviews Gary Coleman ever did before I headed to the theater. They asked him about marriage and he said "it's one of the hardest jobs you'll ever love". I think this movie was a good reminder of that. Being single is work. Being married is work. Both require maintenance and it's important to remember that you should never lose sight of who you are married or single. The difference is though that when you are married you have to consider how who you are or what you are becoming affects the person you are married to and in covenant with. I thought about that when I was interviewed after the movie and asked how do I think women should take the time to get to know themselves after they are married. I answered that they should take as much time as they need to get to know themselves BEFORE they are married. I just think that if you spend too much time thinking about who you want to be as a wife before knowing who you are as an individual, you are missing out. I am not saying to not prepare. I am saying to not obsess and treat marriage as the final solution to cure loneliness and low self esteem.

Like I said, I loved the movie. If anything the scenery just increased my longing to go see the world. And if you know anything about SATC, then you know finding a nice, single Aiden somewhere out in that big world wouldn't hurt either. I'm just sayin', he looked GOOD! I wouldn't trade 35 yr old single Toya for 25 yr single Toya for anything in the world because 25 yr old single Toya would've walked all over an "Aiden". In fact, I did. My "Aiden" is too now married with kids. I used to regret that past mistake but I know better now. I think Carrie knows better now too. Interestingly enough, I left the after party to head downtown to meet my own "Stanford" when out of the blue my own "Berger" called . Although a pleasant surprise, his call was a good reminder of how chemistry isn't everything when it comes to relationships. That's a whole other episode. Life is hilarious.

So whether you are a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte or some of all four, I definitely recommend this movie if you are even the slightest fan and are single and want to be married some day. We could all use a heads up on how things can look on the other side.


Abigail said...

I loved your take on the whole evening and loved that you had an awesome time! I unfortunately HATED the movie... truly truly wanted to rip my eyes out of their sockets... :( I hated that I hated it so much. It had its moments and the clothes for the most part (what happened to Charlotte!?) were amazing! Abu Dabi was gorgeous as always and their hotel was sick! But beyond that... I'll summarize with "I Am Woman Hear Me Roar"... really?! REALLY?! I'm so sad.

Toya said...

I was in the bathroom when that karaoke popped off. I came back at the end and was like "Wha???" Uh uh.

Niki said...

Carrie's plotline about what it looks like on the other side was the most interesting part of the movie. Otherwise I laughed a couple of times and really wasn't feeling it. The fashion wasn't even "fabulous", more like "Absolutely Fabulous"--I thought Patsy & Edina were going to pop up at any moment! (I love that show by the way and hope to God that an American version of AbFab never gets made because all the life would be bled out of it)