Sunday, May 2, 2010

Breaking News: Christina Aguileira Kidnapped by Lady Gaga Stans- Toya

Prayers go forth for Christina Aguileira who apparently has been kidnapped by Lady Gaga's "monsters" and held hostage. The ransom? Not confirmed but I guess it's her talent. I can't believe this. Look at what they did to her! They bound and gagged her and ...don't they know she has a child! What the...


Wait, what? This was not a plan by Lady Gaga fans to sabotage Christina Aguileira's career? This is SELF SABOTAGE?!  Like Chris Brown singing at the Mayweather boxing match (I love you Chris Brown but please fire your publicist and management)? Are you sure? *More whispering* On purpose, huh? Who does that ???!!!

My apologies to Lady Gaga monsters everywhere. As you were. 

This just in: Ciara's kidnappers have released a hostage video called "Ride" and...*whispering* Aww damn, again?!?!

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Abigail said...

LMAO! I cant believe she did this video and then said her album was inspired by her newborn son... really???