Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Be Happy: My Journey Back to Natural Hair
Part 3- Got 'Til It's Gone

I was sitting at my desk yesterday thinking what in the world was I waiting for? Why wait until the summer to go back to natural hair? It's going to be a long process anyway so why not start tonight? I began to get really excited and decided to go for it. I left work and sped home to wash my hair and start the journey back to my naturally curly, beautiful, sometimes temperamental hair. I will confess that since the Nashville flood our city has been under water restrictions. I promised my roommates that I would skip a shower the next morning in exchange of washing my hair that night. I got into the shower and could not wait to feel that water pouring down my scalp again. It was heavenly. I washed up and got out of the shower to take a look at my freshly washed hair.

COMPLETELY straight.

Not hardly a bend and most definitely





My hairstylist warned me about this but I had to see for myself. I just had to go with the creamy crack (chemical hair relaxer) just one time in the summer. Wearing my hair straight was cutting into my social life! I had to leave early from a few parties last year beacause I felt my scalp sweating and my roots starting to curl up. Oh the plight of the black woman *sigh*. "Maybe with conditioner", I thought. I was determined not to get discouraged so I found some conditioner somewhere (I haven't washed my own hair in months as I always go to my hair stylist). I slathered it on, put on my shower cap and waited while watching Dancing with the Stars. After about an hour I washed it out of my hair only to find that my hair was still completely straight.

"Don't panic, don't panic."

I dried it a little to see if it would curl up and had no luck. I texted my hair stylist about two strand twists. Maybe that would work. "I am NOT cutting off all of my hair" I told her. She advised me to twist my hair and see what would happen. I twisted up my hair and went to bed.

What happened this morning? A hot mess, that's what. You know how some people can have their hair looking any kind of way and it will look cool? Not this head of hair. Wavy at the root and a straight uncontained mess the rest of the strand. On top of that I slept wrong so my neck is out of wack. Trying to blow dry it straight was painful. I cannot be late to work because of this hair malfunction, I thought. And then it came to me: what if I did cut it all off? I've done it before. Grant it I was about 40 pounds lighter but I did it. What was I really afraid of?

The questions, that's what. I don't want to have to field any questions. I don't want to deal with the stares of people at my job. And on top of that I would really like to lose a good 2o-25 pounds (about 3 lbs in my face alone) before I get bold and cut it all off again. I began to put on my makeup in the mirror and thought "If you do this. your makeup game is going to have to be on point. You have to own it." Hmm... I tied a scarf around my head and gave myself a nice bold red glossy lip and thought "I could own it. Maybe I could do it." MAYBE. We'll see.


GlamGoonsLLC said...

Ok, so I first permed my hair at 14yrs old.
After HS i was hooked on weave and could not see myself without an 18in yaki in a 2b falling to my behind.
then i got bored and decided I wanted to cut my hair (just as everyone else did)
I love it.
Then I got bored again and said...hmmm...how about going bald?!? (just like amber rose did)
Now, im looking for my next thrill... and I think I want to go natural.
I'm just not sure if I can do that in between stage...

what did you do?


Toya Haynes said...
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Toya said...

Hey! Your site is fresh. I am a fiend for black fashion bloggers right now.

I have actually cut all of my hair off twice in my lifetime. Everytime there is some sort of life transition going on, I drastically change my hair. The in between stage is a BEAST but I just kept with it. Once my hair went from a straight up afro to acutally "dropping" it was gorgeous for about ten years.

GlamGoonsLLC said...

Thank you so much!

I've been on a hunt for Black Bloggers.
I love your site.

Buuuut, did you invest in hats and scarves?
Or did you just let it go?

Toya said...

I pretty much just let it go. I dressed pretty boyish before I transitioned so I stocked up on big hoop earrings and lip gloss.