Saturday, May 8, 2010

Angel Taylor : Love Travels - Tia

If you're anything like me, you have that friend who is your go-to for all things relationship. She's the person you giggle to when you've shared a first kiss with someone. She's the person you talk to about your future wedding plans. (Pink, brown and white bridesmaids dresses and multi-color tulip centerpieces) She's the person you cry to when you're lonely and can't for the life of you figure out why today you care so much about being single since yesterday you didn't seem to care at all. She knows your heart and you know hers. And if that friendship had a soundtrack it would be Love Travels.

Angel Taylor has managed to write the perfect album about the best and worst parts about wanting, being in and falling out of love. Somehow, almost inexplicably, she manages to put into words those giddy feelings of butterflies from a simple look from him. She humanizes the difficulty of wanting someone so desperately but knowing that we should wait on our "sovereign King." And when the wrong one lets you down, Angel sings unabashedly of how, in that moment, the brokenness takes your peace and your sanity. Love Travels is the good, the bad and the ugly of love and all that it entails.

I sat in my car listening to this entire cd, unable or simply unwilling to stop the music long enough to walk in the house. As the album played I was reminded of the time he showed up and made me laugh until I almost peed, the time when I knew it was over, those feelings I had from knowing him only from a far but longing with everything in me to know him better and that hope of the one to come, the "Mr. Perfect" of Chai Tea Latte that the hopeless romantic in me dreams about every so often. You know...the one who will love me "for the beauty of my personality."

Instead of a cd of tracks, Angel has assembled an album of stories. These could very well be songs about any one of us. There is love and happiness and sadness and bitter pain wrapped up in 13 songs. While the individual experiences may be different, the common denominators are pretty much the same for all of us. At some point we've all loved and lost, pined for, been let down and watched and wondered, "Does he even know I'm alive?" And when the feelings of all of that coming speeding in Love Travels is the music of a friend who understands. You know she gets it because, clearly, she's been there too.

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