Friday, April 30, 2010

New Kids on the Block/The Roots
on The Jimmy Fallon Show- Toya

First of all, why didn't anybody tell me that New Kids on the Block were on The Jimmy Fallon Show? Just because I clown doesn't mean I don't care. I clown BECAUSE I care. It's my love language.

I love how Rosario Dawson is ecstatic in the beginning of this. I aint mad at her. I've said it a million times, grown NKOTB is fine as HEY-YULL! I still rebuke Donnie Wahlberg Miss Celie style in the name of Jesus though:

It's the only way I can protect my situation. I have to almost pretend like I don't see him sometimes.

I'm glad to see they are holdin' it down after all these years. And speaking of holding it down, I'd like to cast my vote for The Knight brothers to win this year's 2010 Black Don't Crack but There are Exceptions award. Good gawd! And have yall seen Jonathan?! When Tia and I met them a bit ago, he was so fine that everytime he was on the big screen you would hear a gasp in the crowd and a collective "Dayumn!". I am not playin'. I saw Jordan a few months back in Nashville and he's got that Ralph Tresvant gene. I am not mad at them at all.

If anyone has any tales from last year's NKOTB cruise, do tell. OH PLEASE, do tell.

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