Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Butt Naked Wednesday!- Toya

If you have not seen the documentary "Before the Music Dies" PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE purchase it and/or watch it here on HULU. If you love music at all you will appreciate it. It is a must especially if you have anything to do with the music industry. In this hilarious clip Erykah Badu talks about how easy it is to become a female pop star by doing some controversially desperate mess. Now, I will say that her classic quip "Butt Naked Wednesdays" is what came to mind when I saw her video for "Window Seat" but I sincerely believe that her message in her video is much different than the message of desperate, seductively scantily clad female artists out there. I still can't help but wonder if she shot it on Wednesday though.

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