Thursday, March 18, 2010

Song of the day - Tia

The other day while perusing the blogsphere I came across a page that is completely based on the author's favorite song of the day. I liked the idea so much that I think I'm going to give it a try. What I'm going to try to do is pick a song that I'm just FEELING that day and ramble on aimlessly about it for a while. I mean, what is a blog for if you can't aimlessly babble for a while...? There may be two today because 1. This song is actually a carryover from yesterday and 2. it's only 9:00 a.m.

Don't Disturb This Groove - The System

There are VERY few things that are timeless. With the influx of superfast everything and ever-changing whatnots, so few things are meant to capture a moment. But this song...this song right here...IS TIMELESS!!! I don't care what you think.

A couple of weeks ago Toya and I were talking about how this song sounds as good now as it did when it first came out. I dare ANYONE to say that it doesn't. After all of this time this song is still one of my top 10 favorites. The other day it came on while I was driving down Bushwick and I rolled down my windows and turned up my radio like I was blasting Biggie in Bedstuy. I was NOT ashamed.

There is a 12" version of this somewhere that I must get my hands on. Frankly, I must get my hands on every version of this song ever made. I'm not even mad at the Backstreet Boys version of this. But I think I'm okay with the remake because they didn't change a lot. Their remake proves a good song is good song no matter who sings it. (But they could have let "old man sangin'" AJ take this whole song...It would have been okay.)

I have all but completely stopped listening to the radio. There is NOTHING motivating on it. Everything in me wants to go back to the days when songs like this dominated airwaves. No one is saying anything anymore in music. ("I can make your bed rock"...for real....DO BETTER!!! That's just stupid and frail.) If it weren't for songs from back in the day I don't think I would have anything to listen to....(insert heavy sigh here)

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