Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rinse and Repeat: 'Wait and See' from Brandon Heath

Brandon Heath is my best friend (in my head). Actually, I am going to coin a new phrase. He is my musical angel. His songs pop up at the best and most appropriate times. This is one of those songs that started playing one day almost like a soundtrack in the background of a really hard time I was going through, much like "Don't Get Comfortable" which I have already blogged about. My favorite part of this? "There is hope for me yet because God won't forget all the plans He's made for me. I have to wait and see." I think the only thing worse than forgetting what God has told you (and every word from Him is a promise) is thinking that He has forgotten. That can cause a lot of bitterness. Patience aint for punks.- Toya

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