Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top 10 Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Songs - Tia

I know I say the same thing when I come back around these parts: I've been busy. I'll do better....yada yada yada. Y'all know the routine. I'll skip it and keep it moving.

I posted this on Facebook forever ago and completely forgot to post it here until I was listening to Color Me Badd's Choose for about the zillionth time. Anyway, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are GENIUSES. Say what you need to say, those brothers are the truth. I feel like 10 isn't going to be enough. And considering that they have produced EVERYTHING this list could easily be a top 100. But for time purposes, let's keep it at 10.

In no particular order:
- If It Isn't Love - New Edition - I seriously know the choreography from the video. This is one of my all time favorites songs. It's one of those "put it on repeat for the day" favorites. Very few songs feel timeless like this one does.

- Human - Human League - I remember the day I found out that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced this song. I was in the car with Toya and looked her dead in her eye and screamed, "What?!?!?" But once I listened to it with that knowledge, it made all the sense in the world.

- Sunshine - Alexander O'Neal - This is so my jam. And I wasn't mad at Jigga for sampling it.

- If - Janet Jackson - I am not a dancer. No one who knows me can ever accuse me of being a dancer. While I will dance under the right circumstances (Cabana, with a couple of drinks, with the fam) normally I don't dance. So what you need to know is that I know and can still do all of the steps for the breakdown of this song.

- Choose - Color Me Badd - I honestly didn't know until about 10 minutes ago that they produced this. But I just kind of assumed they did. So I looked it up and sure enough....I have a maxi-single of this song. You know, back in the day before iTunes when they still made cd singles....

- Do What I Gotta Do - Ralph Tresvant - Okay, first of all, the very first time I heard this song, I thought Ralph sang, "I've been feeling ladylike." I can butcher a lyric like nobody's business.

- Give It To You - Jordan Knight - Please don't try to act like you didn't like this song. This was Jordan's come back.

- Tender Love - Force MDs - I couldn't have been any more than 7 when this song came out. But I would wait up listening to the quiet storm on V103 (before they turned into the V103 that we now have) until it came on. If you don't like this song, you don't like music.
Force MD's - Tender love
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- Making Love In The Rain - Herb Albert - I try not to listen to this song too often. It makes me...Anyway, I'm not married. But trust....this is getting brought out at the appropriate time.

- Fishnet - Morris Day - YOOOOOOOOOOO...this song right here...Fishnet/Black panty hose/Thick legs/Show through the holes. I was WAY TOO YOUNG to be singing this song but I sang it HARD!!

Feel free to add your favorites in the comments section. I know there are SEVERAL that I missed.

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