Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did he say he wanted to build a fort???!!!!! YES!!!!! Sign me UP!- Toya

This boo right here, Spencer Butt, has made me giggle all morning. This made my day. Origami Valentine's Day cards? My soul says yes.

I love love. As the line in Brown Sugar goes "It's the possibility of a thang." And although the timeline history of my life would suggest that I am The Statue of Liberty for the world's most emotionally unavailable men, I still believe in love finding me. Yes, LOVE finding ME because I am not looking.

There is a song that I am diggin right now by an artist named Ayah called "He Don't Want It". The lyrics escape me right now but basically it reminds me of a theory that I have. I think some women get too excited when a guy seems to be into them. I don't think the issue a lot of times is "Is he into you?" as much as it is "Is he into you enough to love you right and do something about it?" It's the difference between being interested and being committed. A guy can be interested all day long but interest requires very little, if any, responsibility. And so at the mere hint of interest, a lot of women compromise what they know they deserve in hope that this could be "It".


When the desire to be in a relationship trumps the love of yourself and your own personal well being you want a relationship TOO MUCH. We shouldn't want anything that much. Anything that makes you feel like you have to work and work to show a man that you are enough is not worth a woman's self esteem. I understand feeling like men need help but...really? Do they? They are natural pursuers. They go after what they want and if they aren't going after you in the way you deserve then is it worth it?

And so we are afraid to be alone. There are worse things than being alone. I am not going to speak for everyone but my personal preference is this: Let me be alone then. If I can't have love the way that I want it and the way I know I deserve it then I really and finally am okay being alone even if it is for the rest of my life. I refuse to go through that turmoil of trying to make someone see something. I'm awesome! You are too! If someone can't see that enough to go for it but keeps sniffing around like a dog then stop trying to prove yourself. You are awesome...AS IS.

I love me. I love love, I want love. In that order.

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