Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BGLU Approved: Liquideep "Fairytale"- by Toya

My soul says yes.

I have been hip to Ziyon's music for some time now as his underground gem "Chocolate Star" is on my "Songs I Can Put on Repeat and Leave on for Hours" list. So to see him and his partner DJ Ryzor who make up the South African duo Liquideep put out a video is a treat for sure. And can we please give the Lord a hand praise for the girl being fully clothed?! This almost made me forget that "Birthday Sex" topped the charts last year. Almost.

I adore these lyrics and I love the overall vibe of this song so much that I can't stop singing it. Side note: Ziyon's smile is darn near crippling. He flashes those dimples even a little bit and I swear one of my vertebrae breaks.

For more on Liquideep, check out their Myspace page at www.myspace.com/liquideep.

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