Thursday, February 25, 2010

BGLU Approved- Denitia Odigie- by Toya

Just recently I organized a benefit show for Haiti of which I asked Denitia Odigie to be a part of.  During rehearsals I warned her "Denitia, I have a huge musical crush on you. Purely musical. So if you see me behind the bushes one day at the park, I mean you no harm so don't call the cops or anything." She chuckled and said "Oh I will just tell them 'That's my friend Toya. No worries'"

My friend Liz says that Denitia Odigie is that next level of coolness. I agree. She is that Lisa Bonet level of coolness you know you want to be if you would just let yourself be a little bit more carefree and artsy but the fact of the matter is that people that cool don't have to try; It oozes through with no effort at all. Denitia Odigie's music reminds me of the best carefree days. Good three day weekends with unexpectedly perfect weather days; even the heartbroken songs. Her full length album will be out soon but in the meantime, check her out on iTunes and her Myspace page.

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