Tuesday, January 5, 2010

*Blank Stare*- Official Music Video for Flavor Flav - I'll Never Let You Go

1:52. Jesus had to raise me from the dead at 1:52.

To quote my brother, This ain't even the Death of Autotune... this is Autotune thrown into the Lake of Fire with Satan, Death, and Hades!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I believe Flav is sincere. SO sincere, bless his heart. However, the following people are not sincere, have set him up to be clowned and therefore need their behinds whooped: the record label, the song’s producer, the songwriter, the video director, the best boy grip, catering, transportation, the state of California and everyone else involved in this mess. Oh and of course, T-Pain but he has had a behind whoopin’ coming for some time now, hasn’t he?

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