Saturday, December 5, 2009

BGLU Approved: MAC Cosmetics New(ish) Studio Sculpt Concealer by Toya

35. I will be 35, Lord willing, in 21 days. And even though I still get asked what college I go to around here, I can see myself getting older, particularly around my eyes. I have this fear that on December 26 I will sit straight up, look in the mirror and scream at the horror of looking my age. This fear is nonsense because all I have to do is look at my hot mom who will be 60 next year and thank God I have been blessed with great genes. My grandmother who recently passed was a fox all the way up to the age of 83. Even though I have been blessed with great genes, I don't want to take them for granted. Allow me to take an excerpt from the Book of John (Mayer) and say that I need to "protect my situation."

I have been a fan of MAC Cosmetics for about 4 or 5 years now. Around that time I was DJing in an all girl hip hop group and we would take a lot of pictures. Now I have loved Prescriptives Cosmetics (RIP) since I was about 16 years old. However, I noticed that when we would all take pictures, their complexions looked flawless and mine looked lifeless. Prescriptives is great for everyday wear but in pics, uh uh. Reluctant at first, I switched to MAC. I wasn't so reluctant when I found out that their foundation and other products were significantly cheaper.

Fast forward 4-5 years later. I am growing up and my "au natural" (that takes me 15 minutes to look natural) has grown a little bland to me. I've moved from Lip Glass to lipsticks and have gotten a bit bolder with my eye shadows. But no matter how you paint a canvas, if it has lines and wrinkles in it, it's going to look jacked up. Enter my new best friend: Jeffrey at the MAC counter. 

I went to the MAC counter today because me and Studio Fix powder needed to break up. It never seems to last throughout the day. I started to wear this foundation powder in a compact because I am often running late. Applying liquid foundation in the car is an accident waiting to happen, literally. I walked in and a new face which I later found out is named Jeffrey, asked me if I needed some help. I told him I needed my regular Studio Fix concealer and, any oily skinned girl's staple, MAC Blot Powder. I then turned and noticed a new item in the concealer display. "What's this?" I asked. Jeffrey went onto explain to me that it was Studio Sculpt Concealer that had a gel base. I heard angels.

My problem with my concealer has been that I am dry around the eyes and oily almost everywhere else. My concealer would crease under my eyes, fade, and then needed to be reapplied when I went out later on at night. Jeffrey went onto describe why that may be happening and proceeded to apply the concealer on me. With the concealer being gel based, it added more moisture which made my eye area look less dry. It is great!!!! I used to be in cosmetics so I am pretty snarky when it comes to cosmetic reps. You can't get too much pass me. Jeffrey knows his stuff though.

Me: "Okay, I have been using Studio Fix Powder but it doesn't stay on the whole day. It fades and then I have to use Select Sheer Powder but I also use blot powder and I'm still oily."

Jeffrey: "Well, Studio Fix Powder is dry. It has no emollient. What is happening is that combined with the blot powder that zaps oil and moisture, your skin is lacking moisture. To compensate, the skin produces more oil.


Jeffrey: *awkward pause* " may want to go with our Studio Tech."

The combination of Studio Tech and the Studio Finish Concealer looks beautiful, I must say. I haven't had to reapply for hours and my skin has a healthy glow whereas before I favored a more matte look. Finding a good makeup artist is like finding a good gynecologist or a good hairdresser. Jeffrey can't get rid of me now. Don't let me find him on Facebook. Kidding...unless he transfers to another MAC store and then I may have to do some research. 

If you have oily skin I recommend that you don't do like me and get scared at the word "emollient". It doesn't necessarily mean oil. My skin looks healthier and far from cakey. As always, I would suggest applying both the concealer and the foundation with a foundation brush for a smooth finish instead of with a sponge. You save a lot of product that way and won't have to purchase as often. The best way to blend concealer is to pat with your ring finger for it applies with the lightest pressure which is important around the eyes. A sponge is great to blend foundation after applying with the brush.

Ladies, do you have any fab makeup finds that you are absolutely crazy about? Do tell...

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