Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BGLU News by Toya

This Just In:

According to Billboard.com, Sade is about to come back in the game and show you broads how it's done come February 2010 when she drops her first disc since 2000, "Soldier of Love". Now this is bringing some sexyback that we can get behind.

Damita Jo's "Number Ones" CD drops today nationwide and by looking at the track listing, I am most definitely copping this. It has "Diamonds" on it!!!! I had no idea that was a number one hit but I am glad that it was included.

One of BGLU's first You Should Know artist, Britten, will be releasing his EP "Six Strings and a Drum Machine" on December 15th.

Go to his blog http://www.whoisbritten.blogspot.com/now to preview the EP. If you need a great pick me up song in the morning, "She" will get you movin' in no time (it sounds like John Mayer and Adam Levine had a love child). Check out his Myspace page for tour dates.

ABC will be airing Jennifer Hudson's Christmas special, Jennifer Hudson:I'll Be Home for Christmas on December 14th. According to Access Hollywood the special takes place in her hometown of Chicago where Hudson goes to different locations and shares with her audience her holiday memories. The show also features a duet with her and artist Michael Buble'.

We are all going to see Disney's The Princess and the Frog right? I said WE ARE ALL GOING TO SEE DISNEY'S THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG RIGHT?!?! LOL!

Disney's first movie featuring a black princess comes out in theaters on December 11th and I could not be more excited. Is it just me or does her love interest favor Adam Rodriguez?

Well maybe that's just my own personal princess fantasy.

Carol's Daughter has released a limited edition kids bath and hair product collection to celebrate the release of The Princess of the Frog on their website just in time for Christmas. To check it out, go to the Carol's Daughter website for details.

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