Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BGLU News-by Toya
Hello all. I know I've been doing a lot of music news lately and not as much personal news and neither has Tia. Tia is in NYC with a busted computer and trying to get her hustle on because of reasons that I am certain she will disclose soon. As for me, it is way too early to start talking about the passing of my grandmother. I may get into some personal stuff soon that has nothing to do with that but for now, I need to take some time. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your encouragement, sympathy and compassionate messages. They have meant a lot. This was my first experience with the death of a close loved one so I really needed support. I love you all very much for that.

Res Makes Second Album Shelved by Geffen Available FOR FREE on Her Website

(Thanks for this heads up)

The epitome of a BGLU singer, Res, announced on her website that her second album "Black.Girls.Rock!" is now available as a free download on her website at . She describes it as being a little more singer/songwriter than her debut "How I Do" (if you don't have it, I need you to cop that quick). I took a listen to it today and was beaming to finally get to hear some new music from one of our all time faves. It's a keeper for sure. For more on Res, be sure to check out her site as she has more info about more new music coming soon.

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