Friday, November 13, 2009

BGLU Music News

BGLU Approved: Melanie Fiona- Toya

I'd like to give a strong shoutout to in this recession. Since I have renewed my subscription, I have been able to peep out some artists that I have been curious about. I hate to say it but there aren't too many "album artists" out there anymore; there are only a hand full of artists who I never have to hear a single from for me to buy their CD. Simply good music has been sacrificed for hot tracks and ringtones. *steps down off of soapbox*.

That's why I think Melanie Fiona's new album The Bridge which dropped this past Tuesday is most definitely a keeper. I enjoyed it from beginning to end, especially my fave track "Monday Morning". With a record like this, I can finally forgive her label for letting Adam Rodriguez get killed at the end of her "It Kills Me" video. Check her out this Saturday on BET's Rising Icons 11/10c.

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