Tuesday, October 13, 2009

THIS is Why I Love Music- Toya

The awesome thing about music is that it is often open to interpretation. There are certain songs that you would never hear inside of a church that have ministered to me more than most hymns. Some would call them secular but I beg to differ. A few weeks ago, I drove my car to the back of a parking lot and cried. HARD. I've been feeling this "disconnect" from God lately. I felt like He was doing a lot of talking all around me but inwardly I didn't feel as if He was talking TO me. For some time, I have felt like when it comes to God, I get these great gifts from someone I don't know that well. Can you imagine getting gifts every so often from someone and feeling like "Oh great. Another gift. So when do I get to really know this person?" I know, I know. God loves me. God loves all of us. He is always speaking. However, I often find myself sad when people say that they have heard Him. And no matter how close I am to my dad, my brother and those around me that love me, it's not quite enough. So in the midst of my crying, I cranked this song up on the radio and the first verse described what I was feeling in my heart better than I could have articulated myself. If I was a man and I could sing, this is exactly what I would have sounded like. This is Jason Eskridge on vocals and Marty Schwartz on guitar covering KOL's "Use Somebody".

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