Monday, October 12, 2009

Say Word???!!!! Jennifer Knapp is Working on a New Record- Toya

I saw this via Twitter today:

RT @derekwebb: @jennifer_knapp is at work on a new record. trust me, that is something to get excited about.

My thoughts: "Oh my. We are truly living in the last days." and "I guess anything is possible. I mean Steve Perry and Journey may ACTUALLY get back together now."

I am not surprised that Jennifer Knapp has been writing music but I am surprised that she is indeed coming out with new music. Pleasantly surprised to say the least. On her website Knapp explains that she has been mostly travelling and has discovered more about herself and her faith "without the veil of expectations to a cause." I ain't mad at her. I am just a little bit surprised that she would want to come back to the industry. However, now may be a good of a time as any. Music, real, honest and integrous music, could definitely benefit from her comeback.

New music is up now on Finding out that she was working on new music prompted me to make my first visit to Myspace in months.

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