Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can We Talk? - Toya
Real Housewives of Atlanta: I Can't.

Now lest I start sounding all holier than thou, let me go ahead and confess that I watch my fair share of tomfoolery. Cheaters? Yes, please, and in a DVD box set if available. Daisy of Love? Unfortunately, yes. I can get behind a bunch of men doing relay races for a woman's affections much quicker than if it is the other way around. Making His/The Band? Yes because I am amazed that people still want anything to do with Diddy and his business, umm, tactics. But Real Housewives of Atlanta? I'll pass.

Trust that I have seen RHOA a few times. I saw a few episodes during the first season before they kicked off Deshawn Snow (the only cast member that had any good sense) for having any good sense and replaced her with Kandi Burgess, formerly of Xscape. This brings me to my first point: How is this show called Real Housewives of Atlanta and only two of the cast members, Lisa Wu Hartwell and Nene Leakes, are housewives? Anyone? Is it that difficult to find five actual housewives in Atlanta who are all friends? Apparently, because what happens on this show is far from friendship.

I am fortunate enough to be friends with some of the best ladies one could ever find; one of which I share this blog. Not one of them is "messy" as the old folks would say. Not only are they outstanding but they live their lives in such a way that none of them have the time to fuss over nonsense like these affluent women on RHOA do. I can't even imagine one of my friends being in an uproar over the fact that someone claims that a bad wig is her actual hair. For real? Also, we love each other a bit too much to encourage a friend to record a record when we KNOW they can't sing. I mean, they could cut a record if they wanted to but if they were real enough to ask what we thought, we would be real enough to tell her the truth: "Honey there are so many things that you are tremendously talented in. Singing is not one of those things." And that dating a married man bullshishery?! NO MA'AM! Would not fly! I will admit that because my soul doeth delight in a hot mess, I was fortunate enough to catch the reunion when NeNe told Kim to keep her "legs closed to married men". I'm not going to lie, that brought me joy. But to have as much money as they do and spend that much time constantly bickering and then trying to mend relationships with women that you really don't like is ridiculous to me. That's really the bottom line of why I can't tolerate this show.

Am I a hater? If you've read this blog long enough, you know that the answer is yes. I am indeed a player hater. I HATE when people play too much and that is what they seem to do on this show. They play entirely too much. Life is too short to play around and surround yourself with toxic females. I am glad to say that for richer or for poorer, I have some great girlfriends. When we start making RHOA money, I doubt if that will change. Does mo' money always have to lead to mo' problems, especially their kind of petty problems? One thing I can say is that my girls have integrity and good foundations. If any of them started to trip, I don't think there would be any back and forth and all of these meetings on who said what. Again, who has that kind of time?

But I haven't cut myself entirely off from the show. I have put some friends on alert that if Sheree's ex-party planner comes back that I am to know this at once. "Whose gonna check me, boo?" has got to be one of my favorite television show quotes from one of the best reality tv show fights of all time (right behind "Keep your legs closed to married men"). Also, I hear that Dwight Eubanks, NeNe's hairdresser, is allegedly coming out with a spin off reality show about his salon. I absolutely love salon drama! But RHOA altogether? No thanks. I'll pass and celebrate the fact that I have some great women in my space to walk this life out with sans the drama. Thoughts?

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