Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Must Read Blog Post of the Day- Jason Jaggard "Ask. Her. Out"

Jason Jaggard at http://jaggard.blogspot.com posted this simple yet profound and yet OH SO FREAKING SIMPLE post challenging men to just simply ask a woman out. What I appreciate about this so much is that this is a man talking to men about dating and not a woman trying to give men a clue. If more men would challenge men, I think it would help them out a great deal. As I stated at the women's retreat I spoke, as iron sharpens iron, men sharpen men. Women can simply polish.

He gives some great and logical reasons why men should step up. My favorite being:

I'm not going to lie-- she may not be "the one." Let's be honest: she probably isn't. But you should still ask her out anyway.
Why? Because right now your tail is hanging where your masculinity should be: between your legs.

In other words, ask her out. It's not that serious.

Ladies reach out your hands towards your computer monitors and pray:

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. May the truth set some of these men free. Cause seriously? Even Stevie Wonder can see that single people nowadays are in some mess.

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