Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hottie Heads Up- "Takers" in Theaters in 2010

Much to the dismay of some movie goers sittingin front of us, a few girlfriends and I screamed and hollered all over ourselves when we saw this trailer for the upcoming movie "Takers" before we saw Tyler Perry's "I Can Do Bad All By Myself". With a cast of Michael Ealy (I almost said something really inappropriate about seeing him in his "halo" and I know God is NOT pleased) Idris Elba (WITH BRITISH ACCENT), TI (not a huge fan but he's easy on the eyes), Paul Walker and old school fineness Matt Dillon, my friend Christine aptly named this cast "the U.N. of fineness". Only one missing is Adam Rodriguez and well, I have no desire to develop asthma so that could be a good thing. Heck even Chris Brown looks good in this movie. I know some of yall won't like that but ya know, I'm just sayin'. Don't shoot the messenger *ducks and runs*. For more information about the movie, go to

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