Friday, October 2, 2009

Have You Got Your Tickets Yet?- Toya

I don't know if I have previously mentioned this but I cannot tell you how many people have come up to me and asked me if I have been alright since Michael Jackson died.....UGH I can't believe I just said the d-word! I just slid halfway down into my chair.

Let's try this again...

My mourning has been in stages. I always wondered what that day would be like because as we have come to see, it has been an end of an era. Suprisingly enough I cried for about 15 seconds max the morning after he passed (passed is less harsh to me). However, you put on some little Michael Jackson songs ("I'll Be There", "Got To Be There", "Never Can Say Goodbye") and I am jacked all the way up.

Tickets went on sale this past Sunday for the 2 week run of This Is it, the last footage recorded of Michael Jackson documenting his rehearsals for which was to be his last tour. I bought two: One for the night before the actual release to go to by myself and one for Friday night to watch with friends. I don't want to talk to anyone during my first viewing. I just want to process it with a blanket and some pj's all by myself. Truth be told, I know I am going to be sad and I don't want to be embarrassed. I remember going to see Captain EO during my senior trip in 3D. There was a part where he falls seemingly a foot from your face. I remember the whole theater being completely silent until I reached out my hand and cried out "What have you done to your face?" I am trying to tell you. My love for Mike runs deep.

Tickets are for sale now through and for more information, check out .

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