Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BGLU News- Toya
As some of you might know, Mia Michaels AKA "Who Toya would be if she were a white woman" has up and left So You Think You Can Dance. *Tear* Seriously, I don't even know if I want to watch it anymore. has the exclusive on why she left and NO, she does not have cancer.

Corinne Bailey Rae is slated to release her new CD "The Sea", her first studio recording following the sudden death of her husband Jason Rae in 2008, early 2010. We sure have missed her. Guardian UK has an exclusive interview with Rae about her upcoming project and dealing with the grief of losing her husband.

Some girlfriends of mine and I went to go see Chris Rock's "Good Hair" last weekend and wait, before I get into this: Can I just say that behind a whole row of us was a whole row of gay white men? Not going to lie, we were all pretty puzzled by that. My friend Christine barely let the closing credits roll up before she turned around to ask "Ok, what in the hell are yall doing here?" I then added, "Are yall hairdressers?" LOL! Not at all taken aback by our nosiness, they said that they saw Chris Rock on Oprah and just had to see this movie. Anyway, it is indeed a MUST see. Child, you will find out somethings about weaves that you DID NOT want to know. This movie contained so much great info about relaxers, men's view on weaves, and to my delight, their was a sub-plot about a hair show in Atlanta. There is nothing I love more than Hot Mess Championships! Take your girls (and not just your black ones) and go support this film.

Maxwell and his pretty wings have four nominations for the 2009 Soul Train Music Awards. That's cool and all but when in the world is Soul Train even on? ANYBODY??? Also leading with nominations are Keri Hilson and Beyonce'. Check out the story at UrbanMecca.Net.
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