Thursday, September 3, 2009

Save the Babies-Toya

Real talk: I love Chris Brown. Yup, love him to pieces. I love Rihanna too. Maybe not as much but I don’t think liking one’s music over another means that I am taking sides here when it comes to this infamous assault case. It just is what it is. I watched last night’s interview on Larry King with my media coaching hat on so I could get a really good lesson in crisis media coaching. Oh I got one alright. Here is what I learned along with some other thoughts about last night’s interview:

  1. I don’t know who Chris Brown’s PR person is but I think either they did not do the best job possible in preparing him for the interview or they did and he didn’t take their advice. The repeated reaction of “I was like…wow” dug a deeper grave to those that think he shows little or any remorse. This is the ill thing though that I think people aren’t getting: this incident happened 6 months ago. It’s only fresh to us because this is the first time he is speaking out about it. He and Rihanna are passed it. Something that happened six months ago isn’t going to evoke feelings that I think everyone wanted him to express as if it just recently happened.

  2. I won’t talk about the bowtie with his blue outfit that I think made him look like a Smurf who joined the Nation of Islam. I will not. Again, PR.

  3. I got really teary when he talked about their relationship and how they are just kids. He said that no one gave them a manual or instructions on how to be in a relationship. Our society places so much emphasis on teaching kids about safe sex and almost no education on how to have safe relationships with one another. How come a kid gets more instruction on how to put a condom on a banana but doesn’t know how to treat their boyfriend or girlfriend? Why are they not taught nor prepared for the demands of committed relationships? And we wonder who our 5th graders have sex lives. They don’t know how to relate to one another!

  4. I do not believe “once an abuser, always an abuser”. If I did, I would have to believe in once a liar, always a liar and the same would go for cheaters, addicts, etc. What I do believe in is grace, forgiveness, hope and the ability to change. Without these things, we would ALL be hopeless and trifling. Every last one of us.

  5. I am glad that he got to see how wack that Youtube video with him and Bow Wow was where he says “I’m not a monster”. Again, PR FAIL.

  6. I totally understand him saying that he doesn’t remember the incident. People have killed people in a rage and can’t remember. I have cussed people out (not within the past decade) and all I could recall was the look on people’s faces when I went off.

  7. Larry King’s questions were TERRIBLE. His angle seemed to hinge on the hope that Chris Brown was going to talk about the happening on the night of the incident. When he didn’t, he asked the same questions over and over and over again. Did he not discuss what Brown was willing to go into detail over prior to the interview? I mean, I would’ve rather been watching Tyra Banks interview him than Larry King because that was a joke.

  8. Finally, I sincerely believe that Chris Brown should do his best to specifically apologize to his female fans and speak out to young men concerning domestic violence. He said he wants to go back to being a role model. He also said that if community service means cleaning up graffiti and picking up trash, he has no problem with that but he knows that he can do things in addition to that to make a greater impact. I really hopes that he gets the direction that he needs to do so.

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