Sunday, September 27, 2009

Go See This Movie- Lord, Save Us from Your Followers

If you can't stand Christians, I think you should see this movie.

Especially if you are one.

I am guilty of claiming to be one of the Christian elite. I'm not like "them". I "get it". I am not so far from "the world" that I am not in touch with it and have often talked bad about those within the church that seem so out of touch and so legalistic. Realistically though, this is about as much of a sin as talking bad about those that aren't followers of Jesus Christ.

The bible says that people will know the love of Jesus by the love that the church has for one another. Hmmm... no wonder so many don't want anything to do with Christianity. There is no "what happens in the family, stays in the family" as my dad used to tell us so we wouldn't air family business. We argue in public: on the street, YOUTUBE (don't even get me freaking started on that), radio, etc. If I had not already experienced the love and patience of God and was to look to others for an example, well... let's just say it could be hit or miss at times. Especially if I were to follow every car with a fish on the back of it. I'm just sayin'.

This movie reminded me of something I shared with Tia a while back. You can at times be correct but not right. Now I believe in the bible, through and through. I don't understand it all and hey, sometimes I don't even like it all but I believe in it. That's my right and as Diddy said on Making His Band, I live in America (ridiculous). And while I believe it to be true and correct, there is a way to go about things. And this is why you probably won't see me protesting anywhere with a sign. Mother Teresa even said that she would never go to an anti-war rally but if there was a peace rally, she would be down. This movie reminded me that Christians are more known for what they are against than what they are for.

So if you have been hurt by the church, please go see this movie. And also I want to say I am sorry that we as Christians don't always live what we say we believe. If I could get one message out to anyone that doesn't believe in God because of the crap that imperfect people do it would be please do not let the actions of flawed people get in the way of you having an awesome relationship with a loving and patient God. People aren't worth it. As this movie points out, Christ followers are supposed to be the hands and feet of Jesus. It seems that far too often we are just a big mouth.

So if you are on a journey to see what the big deal about Jesus is all about, I highly recommend this movie. If you are sick of your fellow Christians being so out of touch and legalistic, I recommend you see this movie. If you are one of those people who would hold up a sign saying "God hates fags" PLEASE see go this movie and repent cause that AINT Jesus. *gets off of soapbox*

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Ms. Ola Blessed said...

so i've been reading & stopping by for quite sometime now and i just wanna say i love yall!! LOL stay blessed and thanks for blessing me and making me think today!!