Friday, September 11, 2009

Favorite Music Fridays- My Ten Favorite India.Arie Songs-Toya

Favorite Music Fridays is something I do with my friends on Facebook weekly. Thought it would be fun to bring it here. Would love for you guys to participate.

India.Arie is my play cousin. She just doesn't know it yet.

Confession: I don't own India.Arie's lastest CD, Testimony Volume 2: Love and Politics. I just haven't liked any single I have heard off of it yet. It used to be that I would buy certain artists' records before I had even heard anything of theirs (Maxwell, Musiq, John Mayer) but if I HATE the first single, I will wait awhile. Thus it probably goes without saying, I can't stand "Chocolate High". However, if "Yellow" is any indication that there are some hidden jewels on Volume 2 that I am unaware of, I may just need to go ahead and get it.

India.Arie is every girl. That's what I like about her. She's diva enough that you know she's a star, but down to earth enough that she reminds me of one of my friends if (when) she makes it big. She's relatable but has undeniable star power. And if she would JUST let me in her closet for ONE DAY! LOL! I would be ecstatic. Here are my faves...

1. Good Mourning- It’s a good song. A GREAT song. That is all.

2. Strength, Courage and Wisdom- Timeless.

3. The Truth- I love beautiful songs written about men. We need more of these.

4. Beautiful Surprise- My favorite by her.

5. Part of My Life- This song reminds me of BBQ’s

6. Promises- Just love it. No special reason.

7. I Choose- I love this song, particularly the “Here I am looking at 30 and I got so much to say”. While at the time she was looking ahead at 30, I was looking back at 30 but thinking the same thing. That’s the beautiful thing about music and personal interpretation.

8. Can I Walk with You- I would never propose to a man but if I did, I think it would sound just like this.

9. These Eyes- I was so excited for this album, Testimony: Vol. 1 Life & Relationship to come out. When I heard this opening track, I knew I would fall in love with this entire record.

10. Yellow- GORGEOUS song! It rides so nicely.I know I said that I don't own Testimony Volume 2:Love and Politics, the album it is on, but I heard about this song years ago and made sure I heard it once it finally came out.

Those are my favorites. What are yours?

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