Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Hi Mr. John Mayer"- Toya

Now, I have never really been a crusher of John Mayer as Tia has been but after THIS RIGHT HERE??????? Tia and I may have a problem now.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Go See This Movie- Lord, Save Us from Your Followers

If you can't stand Christians, I think you should see this movie.

Especially if you are one.

I am guilty of claiming to be one of the Christian elite. I'm not like "them". I "get it". I am not so far from "the world" that I am not in touch with it and have often talked bad about those within the church that seem so out of touch and so legalistic. Realistically though, this is about as much of a sin as talking bad about those that aren't followers of Jesus Christ.

The bible says that people will know the love of Jesus by the love that the church has for one another. Hmmm... no wonder so many don't want anything to do with Christianity. There is no "what happens in the family, stays in the family" as my dad used to tell us so we wouldn't air family business. We argue in public: on the street, YOUTUBE (don't even get me freaking started on that), radio, etc. If I had not already experienced the love and patience of God and was to look to others for an example, well... let's just say it could be hit or miss at times. Especially if I were to follow every car with a fish on the back of it. I'm just sayin'.

This movie reminded me of something I shared with Tia a while back. You can at times be correct but not right. Now I believe in the bible, through and through. I don't understand it all and hey, sometimes I don't even like it all but I believe in it. That's my right and as Diddy said on Making His Band, I live in America (ridiculous). And while I believe it to be true and correct, there is a way to go about things. And this is why you probably won't see me protesting anywhere with a sign. Mother Teresa even said that she would never go to an anti-war rally but if there was a peace rally, she would be down. This movie reminded me that Christians are more known for what they are against than what they are for.

So if you have been hurt by the church, please go see this movie. And also I want to say I am sorry that we as Christians don't always live what we say we believe. If I could get one message out to anyone that doesn't believe in God because of the crap that imperfect people do it would be please do not let the actions of flawed people get in the way of you having an awesome relationship with a loving and patient God. People aren't worth it. As this movie points out, Christ followers are supposed to be the hands and feet of Jesus. It seems that far too often we are just a big mouth.

So if you are on a journey to see what the big deal about Jesus is all about, I highly recommend this movie. If you are sick of your fellow Christians being so out of touch and legalistic, I recommend you see this movie. If you are one of those people who would hold up a sign saying "God hates fags" PLEASE see go this movie and repent cause that AINT Jesus. *gets off of soapbox*


Friday, September 25, 2009

You have no idea of the amount of glee that filled my heart when I found out this was going down. AND with the "King of R&B" Bobby Brown???!!!!

Dear Santa,

Thank you for making Christmas come early this year. You know how much I love a big box of hot mess with a bow on top.

See ya next year,


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey Fam. Question...

What's up yall? This is Toya. I have a question for everyone that reads BGLU: What do you think about online mags like Clutch Magazine and Honey Magazine? I love both of them. I think I am a little bit more in love with Clutch though because their music recommendations are hot (I just found out about the band Little Dragon because of them. Yes and amen). What do you think about BGLU going into a similar format?

We want to keep BGLU going and are trying to figure out how to make the most out of it. We know that a good number of you have been reading for a while which is CRAZY! LOL! We love it and are glad that so many of you have found some sort of kinship with us and our crazy selves. We would love your input. This is our blog but well, it's yours too and we want your input. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"Rocket Love" is one of my all time favorite Stevie Wonder songs and I need NO ONE ELSE but Maxwell to try and cover this. I saw this when it first aired but I think after he says "Hit me twice" I blacked out until the credits rolled. Enjoy...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Jewish New Year!- Toya

Ok, I know I am not Jewish but Jesus is! I'm just sayin'. I feel a shift in the atmosphere and because of such, I am declaring a new season. But in order to declare a new season as well as a new mindset, you gotta let some stuff in the past go. So, here are my list of grievances I am willing to leave in the past in honor of Rosh Hashana.

*Disclaimer- I don't really have grievances with these people that I don't know. I do have a life. This is just in good fun.

I am willing to forgive the following people:

1. Thicke: We only had you for one album and we will always cherish that one album. Thank you for Suga Mama. I hope you are happy wherever you are. (CC:Robin Thicke. I'm lettin' it go, homie. I wish you all the best with Marvin Gaye's falsetto. Dangitt, I almost made it!)

2. Kanye West: Please sit down somewhere and get some good help. I love you, I love your music and well at least you KNOW you can be a jerk. Puffy, however, does not (I will forgive Puffy next Rosh Hashana).

3. Chris Brown: Hey if everyone got put on blast for mistakes they made when they were 19, a lot of people wouldn't have careers. I forgive you. You know you need to sit down somewhere and get some help too. By the way, I saw you picking up trash during community service. Three words: Skin So Soft (by Avon). Mosquitoes are a female dog.

4. Common: You want to date Serena and that's fine. You don't love me cause you don't know me.

5. Donnie Wahlberg: *Clinches teeth* I'll come back to you...

6. JC Chasez: Dude, DO YOU! I love ya. Make the music that makes you happy. It's not your fault the industry sleeps on you. But we sincerely hope you at least release some independent cuts from time to time.

7. Whitney Houston: I forgive you but you know that Bobby couldn't afford all those drugs on his own, right? Let's be clear. We both know that he didn't make a red cent off of "Forever Bobby".

8. Adam Rodriguez's mama: You didn't mean to create a stumbling block for me. I know you didn't.

9. Fergie: I hate that "And I'm gonna miss you like a child misses his blanket" lyric from "Big Girls Don't Cry" so much, I probably shouldn't have been taking communion for the past 2 years. But I forgive you. Holla at Keri Hilson or Ne-Yo for some songwriting tips next time please.?

10. Joe Jackson: Kids don't come with instruction manuals. Now before everyone tries to stone me, I am just talking about forgiveness here. We need to let it go. But if you screw up Blanket, Prince and Paris, that's your ass.

Happy New Year everybody!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Go See This Movie...For Real- Toya

If you have not seen Tyler Perry's "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" I BESEECH THEE to do so. And say what you want but I am two seconds short of sending my tithes and offerings to Tyler Perry for his "Let the brown girls get some good love" ministry in each and every one of his movies. Speaking of GOOD love, I didn't know a thing about Adam Rodriguez before this movie but then I saw his face...

and now I'm a believer.

Where are my tithe envelopes???

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

UGH - Tia

Okay so I got laid off a couple of weeks ago and have been in something of a funk ever since. I'm soooooo bored and I need a job.

I'm in the process of trying to articulate things but until then feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Yes, I finally just gave up my pseudo-fight against it. I know some of you are following my old account @ Tiabglu. Please follow me now at Tiaakimmi. I'm going to delete the other one soon.

And I promise I will update the blogsphere on my current happenings, including the New York journey, the Boston visit and the fact that I think I might just be changing professions all together.


We Miss You Patrick Swayze- Toya and Tia

Monday, September 14, 2009

Listen to Janet Jackson's New Single

Let's start supporting our girl NOW! Spread the word. She's back!

Listen to Janet Jackson's New Single

Shared via AddThis

Seriously, THIS is what should've been the highlight of last night. The lack of humility and professionalism on this night should prove that Michael Jackson was the epitome of a great entertainer. Just when I thought it couldn't be possible, I miss him even more now.

2009 VMA's- Toya
Every year I do a real time run down of my reactions to the Hot Mess Championships that are known as MTV’s Video Music Awards. I think they have some gall even having a video awards show when they don’t show NAMN video, but whatevs. Here is how it went down for me last night…

Right after America’s Best Dance Crew went off…

1. A POX on who ever is voting for Afro Borique on ABDC! A POX I SAY!!! (I know this has nothing to do with the awards show but I needed my protest to be known).

Pre- Show

1. Lady Gaga has a look on her face that says "This is the dumbest idea that me and my manager have ever come up with”. This is laughable. I probably shouldn’t compare her to Madonna but Madonna made some pretty bad costume choices early in her career as well. And while I am giving her a pass, the person who DOES NOT get a pass is this child that just said that Lady Gaga is the Grace Jones of our generation. Lady Gaga is not the Grace Jones of our generation. GRACE JONES is the Grace Jones of our generation. Anyway, that metal mask on her face reminds of the Tin Man from The Wiz. If she wins, will she cry like "A-tee deee, a-tee deee"?

2. I will publicly declare that I love Taylor Swift. She writes a mess out of a song, she keeps her clothes on & has some of the best car karaoke songs EVER. I cringe to think of who has pulled up beside me while I sing “She wears high heels, I wear sneakers, she’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers” with my rock finger in the air whilst driving.

3. Oh it’s the Fame kids. Natori, I love u but your "love scene" with Biggie in Notorious caused my vision to go down by about 20 points. I am not the least bit psyched about this new Fame movie. It should at the very least be called Fame: The Next Generation. This looks like High School Musical 4.

It’s Starting…

1. Oh look, it’s Maddie (Madonna).

2. Madonna, I will hurt you for coming out here like Brooke Shields did during Michael’s homegoing. I have a headache right now because I refuse to cry. She put it down. However, I am a little salty about her talking about her dates with Michael Jackson. And by salty I mean jealous. Oh and his comment of “Can you see me now? Is that better?” *Sigh* Mike was a sexy beast. Say what you want to.

3. Janet did great. That must've been so hard. Doing Scream was a great idea and I hope this seals her comeback. She needs one.

4. Yes Taylor won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh…I…Oh my God. I need Beyonce to say something REAL QUICK. This is unbelievable. How do you do that to a child??!!! And right before she has to perform??? What is his problem? I am done with Kanye. Officially done. I tell you one thing, Kanye. You try that ish on Pink. Alicia will SHANK YOU! Unbelievable.

5. Lady Gaga has me so shook right now that I have turned the channel to Joel Osteen so that I can renew my mind.

6. I love when Green Day goes punk. I miss that.

7. Still worried about Taylor Swift. She is so sweet. She's probably backstage giving Kanye the Care Bear Stare

8. I hope they tell Kanye he can't perform. Chris Brown has a better chance of a comeback right now.

9. Eminem needs a hug.

10. Confession: That Gives You Hell song is my jam

11. I was waiting for some sort of DJ AM tribute.

12. Sooo…the girl with Asher Roth? Anyone?

13. Ok, now Lady Gaga is just hilarious to me. Has she heard enough of the "poke her face" jokes and that’s why every costume change involves some sort of mask to guard her grill? I have no other explanation.

14. Video of the Year Award is up now. Confession: "Single Ladies" was nothing to me but Beyonce' and two girls dancing. I'm sorry... not really

15. I knew Beyonce's would make it right. Now that's class. However, in my perfect world, Beyonce & Jay-Z would have come out and Jay-Z would have had Kanye West headlock until he apologized. But then again in my perfect world, Ne-Yo and I go together.

16. Say what you want but as someone in their 30’s I think Jay-Z just showed his age by showing up to the awards right before he performed at the end of the night. Yall KNOW he took a disco nap before he arrived! Is it passed Jay-Z's bed time?

17. Alicia Key’s pants are DOPE! If they have those pants at Forever 21, I am on them joints! Umm, but now that she has gotten up, who is playing piano right now?

18. Uh... Is Lil Mama on The Roc now? What is going on with MTV’s security this year? How one earth did she get onstage? Can I get a slow-mo?

19. Well that concludes this year's MTV Video Music Awards brought to you by...The Prince of the Air (Ephesians 2:2)! What are your thoughts on the night?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Speak, Lord- Toya

I heard this song as I pulled into Shoney's today on what I would call a "buffet day". Buffet days are baaaaaaad. Buffet day means I don't want to wait for food, I don't want to have to make choices on what to get and I demand mashed potatoes in my life RIGHT NOW. Buffet day means I have no idea what in the hell is going on in my life, I have no clue as to control the whirlwind but the one thing I CAN control is how many times I can get up and get fried okra. This is not a win-win obviously.

And I have SOME NERVE being depressed on 9/11! I did not lose not one loved one 8 years ago today. I am aware that my bad mood is selfish and for this I am sorry. I really am. I just have no way to act like I am ok with everything when I am really not.

And speaking of NYC, my best friend and hero Tia lost her job over a week ago, packed up some of her ish in her car and headed out to NYC to get on her grind and follow her dreams. I told her if I had a shirt with her face on it, I would wear it under my clothes everyday until she came back. I am so proud of her.

I need a vacation. I need...to break...out. The lyrics of this song are calling to me like Sug Avery in a juke joint on a Sunday morning...

When explanations make no sense
When every answer's wrong
You're fighting with lost confidence
All expectations come

The time has come to make or break
Move on don't hesitate

Don't stop to ask
Now you've found a break to make at last
You've got to find a way
Say what you want to say

When situations never change
Tomorrow looks unsure
Don't leave your destiny to chance
What are you waiting for
The time has come to make your break

Don't stop to ask
Now you've found a break to make at last
You've got to find a way
Say what you want to say

Don't stop to ask
Now you've found a break to make at last
You've got to find a way
Say what you want to say

Some people stop at nothing
If you're searching for something
Lay down the law
Shout out for more
Breakout and shout day in day out


Don't stop to ask
Now you've found a break to make at last
You've got to find a way
Say what you want to say

Don't stop to ask
Now you've found a break to make at last
You've got to find a way
Say what you want to say

Lay down the law
Shout out for more
Breakout and shout day in day out


Favorite Music Fridays- My Ten Favorite India.Arie Songs-Toya

Favorite Music Fridays is something I do with my friends on Facebook weekly. Thought it would be fun to bring it here. Would love for you guys to participate.

India.Arie is my play cousin. She just doesn't know it yet.

Confession: I don't own India.Arie's lastest CD, Testimony Volume 2: Love and Politics. I just haven't liked any single I have heard off of it yet. It used to be that I would buy certain artists' records before I had even heard anything of theirs (Maxwell, Musiq, John Mayer) but if I HATE the first single, I will wait awhile. Thus it probably goes without saying, I can't stand "Chocolate High". However, if "Yellow" is any indication that there are some hidden jewels on Volume 2 that I am unaware of, I may just need to go ahead and get it.

India.Arie is every girl. That's what I like about her. She's diva enough that you know she's a star, but down to earth enough that she reminds me of one of my friends if (when) she makes it big. She's relatable but has undeniable star power. And if she would JUST let me in her closet for ONE DAY! LOL! I would be ecstatic. Here are my faves...

1. Good Mourning- It’s a good song. A GREAT song. That is all.

2. Strength, Courage and Wisdom- Timeless.

3. The Truth- I love beautiful songs written about men. We need more of these.

4. Beautiful Surprise- My favorite by her.

5. Part of My Life- This song reminds me of BBQ’s

6. Promises- Just love it. No special reason.

7. I Choose- I love this song, particularly the “Here I am looking at 30 and I got so much to say”. While at the time she was looking ahead at 30, I was looking back at 30 but thinking the same thing. That’s the beautiful thing about music and personal interpretation.

8. Can I Walk with You- I would never propose to a man but if I did, I think it would sound just like this.

9. These Eyes- I was so excited for this album, Testimony: Vol. 1 Life & Relationship to come out. When I heard this opening track, I knew I would fall in love with this entire record.

10. Yellow- GORGEOUS song! It rides so nicely.I know I said that I don't own Testimony Volume 2:Love and Politics, the album it is on, but I heard about this song years ago and made sure I heard it once it finally came out.

Those are my favorites. What are yours?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dirty Money "Angels" Official Music Video

Holy Auto Tune Batman!!!!! Puffy needs it though so I actually prefer this to him actually trying to sing. I don't hate this at all. I wanna say I actually like it but it's Puffy and well... let's just say, I won't hate...today.-Toya

Say Word???!!!

From http://www.wiredset.com/: Believe what you heard! It has been confirmed that Janet Jackson will OPEN this year's MTV Video Music Awards with a special tribute to her late brother, Michael Jackson. This is definitely a MUST SEE, so don't forget to watch THIS Sunday, September 13 @ 9pm/8C. Hope you can post the news!

For more information, visit http://www.vmas.mtv.com/

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Also Dig This...

Priscilla Renea - Dollhouse

My name is Toya of BGLU and I approve this message.

It's Good News but Is It Fair?- Toya
I don't pose that question seriously, obviously. Fairness isn't the issue here. I am just saying that now that she has been added to the VH1 Divas lineup, which will air on September 17, she is gonna HURT 'em! I was wondering where the "divas" were on this show with the original lineup being Jordin Sparks, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Leona Lewis and Miley Cyrus. Should be interesting.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Save the Babies-Toya

Real talk: I love Chris Brown. Yup, love him to pieces. I love Rihanna too. Maybe not as much but I don’t think liking one’s music over another means that I am taking sides here when it comes to this infamous assault case. It just is what it is. I watched last night’s interview on Larry King with my media coaching hat on so I could get a really good lesson in crisis media coaching. Oh I got one alright. Here is what I learned along with some other thoughts about last night’s interview:

  1. I don’t know who Chris Brown’s PR person is but I think either they did not do the best job possible in preparing him for the interview or they did and he didn’t take their advice. The repeated reaction of “I was like…wow” dug a deeper grave to those that think he shows little or any remorse. This is the ill thing though that I think people aren’t getting: this incident happened 6 months ago. It’s only fresh to us because this is the first time he is speaking out about it. He and Rihanna are passed it. Something that happened six months ago isn’t going to evoke feelings that I think everyone wanted him to express as if it just recently happened.

  2. I won’t talk about the bowtie with his blue outfit that I think made him look like a Smurf who joined the Nation of Islam. I will not. Again, PR.

  3. I got really teary when he talked about their relationship and how they are just kids. He said that no one gave them a manual or instructions on how to be in a relationship. Our society places so much emphasis on teaching kids about safe sex and almost no education on how to have safe relationships with one another. How come a kid gets more instruction on how to put a condom on a banana but doesn’t know how to treat their boyfriend or girlfriend? Why are they not taught nor prepared for the demands of committed relationships? And we wonder who our 5th graders have sex lives. They don’t know how to relate to one another!

  4. I do not believe “once an abuser, always an abuser”. If I did, I would have to believe in once a liar, always a liar and the same would go for cheaters, addicts, etc. What I do believe in is grace, forgiveness, hope and the ability to change. Without these things, we would ALL be hopeless and trifling. Every last one of us.

  5. I am glad that he got to see how wack that Youtube video with him and Bow Wow was where he says “I’m not a monster”. Again, PR FAIL.

  6. I totally understand him saying that he doesn’t remember the incident. People have killed people in a rage and can’t remember. I have cussed people out (not within the past decade) and all I could recall was the look on people’s faces when I went off.

  7. Larry King’s questions were TERRIBLE. His angle seemed to hinge on the hope that Chris Brown was going to talk about the happening on the night of the incident. When he didn’t, he asked the same questions over and over and over again. Did he not discuss what Brown was willing to go into detail over prior to the interview? I mean, I would’ve rather been watching Tyra Banks interview him than Larry King because that was a joke.

  8. Finally, I sincerely believe that Chris Brown should do his best to specifically apologize to his female fans and speak out to young men concerning domestic violence. He said he wants to go back to being a role model. He also said that if community service means cleaning up graffiti and picking up trash, he has no problem with that but he knows that he can do things in addition to that to make a greater impact. I really hopes that he gets the direction that he needs to do so.