Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Open Letter to JC Chasez - Tia
(OOOOOH I hope his people read this and show him. Maybe it will make him act right.)

Dear JC,
I'm SURE this is not the first time I've written to you. And if things don't change it surely won't be the last.

In one of her last posts, Toya mentioned you and how you look like an adjunct professor on So You Think You're America's Best Dance Crew With The Stars or whatever that little show is called. While I was reading her post, MTV Hits was on mute in the background. I looked up and noticed that they're playing past VMA performances. Of course that made me think of the 2000 VMAs when Nsync performed. Fast forward 20 minutes and I'm watching old live Nsync clips on youtube. The more I watched the more mad I got AT YOU!!!

What the hell are you doing with your life? Judging a DANCE contest!!! Are you for real with that? Like FOR REAL, FOR REAL? Did you forget that you can sing? If so, watch this:

I'm sitting here right now listening to you sing that MESS and everything else out of Dear Goodbye. What happened? I understand that Justin got all of the good PR people when he left Nsync. But you should have seen that coming!! In all of the last Nsync videos he was always in the front. (Gone?) At all of the interviews he was always doing all of the talking. You should have foreseen his forthcoming exodus and set yourself up to make your own grand exit. But that's the past...So let's move on.

You and I and anyone else with any kind of musical ear know that you can sing circles, figure 8s, hexagons and any other shape around Justin. Justin even said that you were the best singer in the group. The reason Justin was so popular is not because he was more talented, but because he had a better machine behind him. YOU NEED TO GET THE MACHINE!!!

Have you heard yourself sing lately? Do you even remember how dope you are? Please reference the video below in case you've forgotten.

I'm not just some crazy obsessed fan. If that were the case, I would have called and harassed you to death when I saw your number in my friend's phone. (Yes, I had access to JC's number. No, I don't have it anymore.) But I am a music nut. And I know when a good voice is going to waste. Please, I beseech you. We're out here with a bunch of no talent, non-singing folks. (For real Lady Gaga??? FOR...REAL?!?!?!) And at the moment there is a definite lack of dope male pop singers. There is no future in your frontin'. If you don't quit playin' Justin Bieber is gonna run up and take the place that you should be in.

I love you like cake and have since I was 11. And as such, I just can't sit idly by and let you continue to dress like the Nutty Professor and not sing. DO BETTER!!!

Holla at me,

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yaya said...

Classic letter. JC is crazy talented. He wrote some songs on NSYNC albums. He can sang and can dance. The difference between JT and JC is, JC showed up, sang is ass off, then went home. JT showed up, sang, and then stayed around to hug women, kiss babies, and wave to kids. JC alway came up a lil shy and less into promoting himself. JC needs to let that lil light of his shine.