Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Monday, August 24, 2009

My Boyfriend in My Mind - Tia

My current b/f in my mind is Matthew Bomer.
But what you need to know is that Matt has been skating around the fray for a minute now. I remember wondering who the hottie flight attendant was in Flightplan. I must admit he was one of the few reasons I continued to watch Traveler. (All 6..or was it 8..episodes. That show soooo didn't have a whole lot redeeming qualities.) And I'd be frontin' if I said I wasn't more than a little excited when he popped up on Chuck. But what elevated Matthew to Boyfriend in My Mind status was the commercial for the new show White Collar.

I was minding my own business watching Psych. I'd just gotten back from the gym and had missed the first 15 minutes. But as I've said before, a DVR is the best thing ever. I sat down and promptly began to fast forward through the commercials....until I saw Matt's face flash past the screen. PUMP THE BRAKES AND REWIND!!!!

Great day in the morning Matt is FINE!!! We see that. But this fool was standing there in a black turtleneck. Now, Toya and I have said this from day one: a black turtleneck ups ANY man's hotness factor. So when you're ALREADY hot and you put on a black turtleneck it's darn near against the law. THEN he had the brazen audacity to have on a black turtleneck AND a pea coat. I LOVE a well dress man. I especially love a HOT well dressed man.

He's almost too pretty...Almost. But I do like a pretty white boy. So here's to you Matt. Congratulations on becoming my current Boyfriend in My Mind.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So This is News, Huh?- Toya


If she looked like Weezie Jefferson, wouldn't anyone give a (insert filth flarn filth here). This is why I am going back to Diet Coke. I can't handle people this week, I am so serious.

Da Ladies- Toya

I am in a "I want my turntables back, protecty ya neck, Jersey is in the buildin'" kinda moods that I can't really do anything about right now so I will leave yall with this. Bahamadia makes me weep and Lauryn Hill's verse in this.... *sigh* COME BACK TO US PLEASE, LAURYN!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am so buying this - Tia

My inner geek and my insane crush on Adam Levine just collided and formed one entity. I am so happy right now.

Open Letter to JC Chasez - Tia
(OOOOOH I hope his people read this and show him. Maybe it will make him act right.)

Dear JC,
I'm SURE this is not the first time I've written to you. And if things don't change it surely won't be the last.

In one of her last posts, Toya mentioned you and how you look like an adjunct professor on So You Think You're America's Best Dance Crew With The Stars or whatever that little show is called. While I was reading her post, MTV Hits was on mute in the background. I looked up and noticed that they're playing past VMA performances. Of course that made me think of the 2000 VMAs when Nsync performed. Fast forward 20 minutes and I'm watching old live Nsync clips on youtube. The more I watched the more mad I got AT YOU!!!

What the hell are you doing with your life? Judging a DANCE contest!!! Are you for real with that? Like FOR REAL, FOR REAL? Did you forget that you can sing? If so, watch this:

I'm sitting here right now listening to you sing that MESS and everything else out of Dear Goodbye. What happened? I understand that Justin got all of the good PR people when he left Nsync. But you should have seen that coming!! In all of the last Nsync videos he was always in the front. (Gone?) At all of the interviews he was always doing all of the talking. You should have foreseen his forthcoming exodus and set yourself up to make your own grand exit. But that's the past...So let's move on.

You and I and anyone else with any kind of musical ear know that you can sing circles, figure 8s, hexagons and any other shape around Justin. Justin even said that you were the best singer in the group. The reason Justin was so popular is not because he was more talented, but because he had a better machine behind him. YOU NEED TO GET THE MACHINE!!!

Have you heard yourself sing lately? Do you even remember how dope you are? Please reference the video below in case you've forgotten.

I'm not just some crazy obsessed fan. If that were the case, I would have called and harassed you to death when I saw your number in my friend's phone. (Yes, I had access to JC's number. No, I don't have it anymore.) But I am a music nut. And I know when a good voice is going to waste. Please, I beseech you. We're out here with a bunch of no talent, non-singing folks. (For real Lady Gaga??? FOR...REAL?!?!?!) And at the moment there is a definite lack of dope male pop singers. There is no future in your frontin'. If you don't quit playin' Justin Bieber is gonna run up and take the place that you should be in.

I love you like cake and have since I was 11. And as such, I just can't sit idly by and let you continue to dress like the Nutty Professor and not sing. DO BETTER!!!

Holla at me,
Dear Kim,

Those women are NOT your friends. Friends don't let friends overuse auto-tune.


I'm not saying it's entirely horrible. I mean, at least it's not "Gimme More".

My thing is this: are they not telling her that she can't sing? Is this some sort of "Bless you baby" southern way of not telling her the truth and let her create something that proves that she is no singer? I know that sounds mean but I need someone to lay it down for her. Shoot, my friends would. You know why? Because they are my FRIENDS.

Kim Zolciak's first single: Rest easy, Beyonce! EW.com
Kim Zolciak's first single: Rest easy, Beyonce! EW.com

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Toya's Confessions

1. I still don't know what's happening. Something is changing and I don't like it but there is nothing I can do about it so I am just...floating? I've been listening to a lot of scattered jazz and house music which seems to be the only type of music that runs faster than thoughts in my mind. That's a good thing. Both genres help me concentrate. 

Not smoking but I had a really nice beer that gave me plenty good feelings the other night (it only takes one for me) so that will be my last for a while. The last thing you need to do in your mid 30's is pick up a habit. That's just stupid in my opinion. Not impossible, just stupid.  I get concerned sometimes that people think that I don't engage in certain things because they think that I think that I am better than them. Nothing could be further from the truth. I think I am more susceptible to things; more likely to get caught up in things that others may just do leisurely. Therefore I don't play around. I know I have the potential to wile out just one time and be on the national news. I'm good.

2. When are you grown ass men going to start making grown ass music, Mario, Jamie Foxx, Charlie Wilson and R. Kelly?! I heard a Charlie Wilson song where he says "I love you more than a hit off a blunt, a smile and a butt" and some mess. This from the same man that gave us "Yearning for Your Love"? I can't. I am however loving the new Ginuwine and Trey Songz records. Well done and well appreciated.

3. I joined a gym. It was for an INSANELY low price monthly. I mean cheaper than the Y and I joined. I joined because I got suckered by an attractive, deep voiced, chocolate brotha. It wasn't the voice that suckered me or the muscles. Oh no! It was the sarcastic wit. He actually could out smart ass me and since I am never beat, I caved like a castle of a deck of cards. Shameful. 

4. I can do some Michael Jackson songs but little Michael Jackson is STILL jacking me up. No lie.

5. There's a guy that I should have stopped thinking about YESTERDAY. I don't want to go into it and hopefully I will never have to but I will say this: I am noticing a pattern. Actually, I have been noticed it so first time shame on you, second time shame on me, third time I'm a dumb ass and fourth time, there's just no hope at all. Thankfully, I have never gotten pass the second time of being fooled. I like how at church my pastor is doing a whole series on transforming your thoughts which is where ill behavior starts. So instead of just trying to shut stuff down, I get really honest, tell God about it honestly and then keep it moving. I will say that in this time of uncertainty I have been a lot more vulnerable and honest with God and that is a good thing. There is something comforting in knowing that He sees it all and that even though He knows  what's going on and isn't letting me n on it yet, it's not like He sits back and enjoys us being uneasy, confused or sad about anything. Not if God is indeed love.  I wonder how He feels about how we feel sometimes. 

6. Imeem.com- LOVE IT. about 8 times out of 10 if I am thinking about a song I can just pull it up. You can do that on Youtube too but I like that you can make a playlist. I found some Sade house remixes on there that I have been needing in my life for quite sometime. Yes indeed.

7. "Make Her Say" by Kid Cudi, Kanye and Common, yet catchy, is straight gross and Lonnie Love (Common) and I have fallen out over it. The b-word is never ok. 

8. Finally saw all of Daddy's Little Girls and Lord help. Idris Elba in a mechanics uniform. Was that rated PG-13 cause I swear him in a wife beater deserves an R rating. LOL! He's awesome. 

9. If these confessions seem a little dark I forgot to mention something: I am off Diet Coke again. 

10. Yesterday was Donnie Wahlberg's birthday and some of yall ate cupcakes in his honor. Don't front.

11. I have some friends in the entertainment business that keep outing some of my favorite hotties and you know what? Ok, let me say that sometimes I do ask but there have been times I haven't and DAG! Is ANYONE straight? I mean all the way straight? All of that to say, I am not asking anymore nor do I want any information volunteered. People can kill a dream, I swear.

12. I'm at a coffee shop and this teenage all girl band is playing. They are far from The Donnas but the girl drummer just hopped on the accordion. She may be my new hero.

13. I saw my first rainbow in years last week. I'm believing for more really soon. Not just because I am becoming more and more optimistic but because it seems whenever I get my hair flat ironed there is a torrential downpour. It's all good. There is something really refreshing about moments after the storm. 

14. I don't really have a 14th confession but I couldn't leave it at 13 so let's see... OH America's Best Dance Crew? My new obsession. And can someone please tell me why JC Chasez now looks like an adjunct professor? What is really going on? That's my dude and all but you would never know he could sing and dance figure eights around Justin Timberlake if you didn't do some homework.  I'm going to imeem.com right now and pull up "Hello Goodbye" Yall be easy.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who's Gonna Save My Soul
Late night emotional ramblings - Tia

So I just saw this video on VH1Soul. (Okay before I go any further. One of the main reasons that I don't get rid of cable in these trying economic times is because I remember what it was like to not have VH1Soul. Seriously, it was not the business. I love this channel. Between it and HBO, I really don't watch much else.(Oh and Psych) And once Entourage is over (HEYYYY Turtle!!!) I'm getting rid of HBO. But VH1Soul stays until the LAST minute.)

Moving on....

I saw the end of this video earlier and couldn't really make heads or tails of it. I didn't quite understand why there was a bloody singing heart wandering down the diner counter. But through the magic of DVR I was able to rewind to the beginning and watch the whole thing.

This is without a doubt one of the best things that I have most recently seen. It explains perfectly how I've felt each and every time I've gone through a breakup. I've never understood how the person who leaves you still gets to keep a piece of your heart. The emotional ties that come with relationships are baffling to me. And yet, after all of the heartache, all of the random ass guys with random ass situations (I was recently "involved" with a guy who had an aversion to small foods: rice, peas, cereal, etc) I find myself wondering why I'm not in a relationship. (The first person to call me picky gets punched in the throat. A.) I'm not picky. I'm selective. and B.) You can't be picky if you have NOTHING to pick from.)

I'm officially in my 30s and I find myself thinking about relationships a lot. All but 2 of my close girlfriends from college are married with multiple children. Their Facebook pages are littered with pictures of them and their families. Not too many short years ago, that was all I wanted. A husband and some children. Now...not so much. And I can't honestly say WHY my feelings have changed. Part of me worries that I've allowed that desire to mostly die because it has gone so long without being met. (If you've read the blog for any amount of time you know that I've wanted to be married since I was about 8.) And then another part of me wonders if I'm just too selfish to want the responsibility of a husband and children. The selfish thing is very plausible. I like ME a lot. And Me likes to do stuff FOR Me. Me likes to sleep 12+ hours on a Saturday and then sit on the couch for hours watching movies and Psych. But then Me also hates sleeping alone. Me likes doing whatever, whenever. But Me also longs to share my day and ultimately my life with someone. As the days wear on, I sometimes find myself becoming discouraged about the prospects of ever finding a relationship. It doesn't help that I live in the San Francisco of the south. If I were a lady who loved ladies, I would be IN THERE. It also doesn't help that I currently have a job that keeps me alone and away from home most of the time. But even when I didn't have those particular obstacles, there still seemed to be this lack of suitable...suitors.

I know that perception is not reality. But my current reality is that I'm single. And who knows. I could get a call tomorrow telling me that I've got a new job in a new city full of eligible (read: non-gay, gold-tooth free) men. Until then (insert heavy sigh here) it is what it is. And while I'm VERY grateful that what it is is not what a lot of people have (divorce, fights, cheating, and a whole slew of other relational problems that people I know are having), part of me can't help but want for...something.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Open Letter to Solange - Tia
Dear Solange,

First let me say that I love your Hadley Street cd. I think it is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than anything your sister has recently put out. (Close your mouths people. Unless you've actually heard Solange's cd AND you actually prefer music to "tracks" you are not allowed to be shocked, put-off or offended.)

But I'm not writing to talk about your music. I'm writing to talk about your hair. I would like to take this opportunity to say that you should (a la Smokey from Friday) never, ever, Ever, EVER ...go back to wearing weaves. Girl, your short cut is BANGING!!!!It shows off your BEAUTIFUL face. Your features are accentuated by the short hair. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on weaves. I rock one every summer because I get tired of fighting with my natural hair in the heat. Me and humidity do battle. But you...you just seemed to get lost in all that hair. When I saw the T.O.N.Y. video, I remember thinking, "Why is she wearing all that hair? It must be heavy."
Anyway, kudos for being brave enough to take the leap into short hair. And let the haters hate. What was it Kanye said..."There'll always be haters. That's the way it is. Haters marry haters and have hater kids." (I'm paraphrasing, of course.) Girl you're doing your thang and doin' WELLLLLL. Girl they're looking at you hatin' saying, "Oooooh." (Please see 'Nsync's Doing Your Thing for the reference.) Keep doing you, Boo. Cause only you can.


P.S. Ummmm...when are you going to do another album? I'm just wondering.

She...Told...YALL!!!!!- Toya

I'm sorry. I could watch this all day. The only thing that would've made this better for me would've been a good ole Samuel Jackson-ish "Yeah they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!" Oooooh this thing blessed me! I'm not mad at her at all.

Now from what I understand, something got lost in translation and "Mr. Clinton" was actually supposed to be "Mr. Obama". Regardless, I am glad to see that Hillary stood her ground.

Virtual Insanity-Toya
Where is Jamiroquai? They lost me after Return of the Space Cowboy.

“I was dreaming when I wrote this forgive me if it goes astray”- Prince, “1999”

If you notice, a few of my most recent posts have been kind of cryptic (videos of "Once In A Lifetime" and "Time to Change") and here is why: I am stressed and pumping the brakes in order to not completely lose my mind because change is happening. I don't always do change well.

I know I am stressed to the edge of insanity when I resort to smoking cigarettes. Yes, I love to smoke. Love it. Mind you, I don’t do it often and didn’t start until I was about 22 (a stupid age to pick up a habit like that if you ask me. By then you know exactly what the side effects are). I only smoked for a summer but man I love a cigarette, cloves rather. I decided after seeing this TV spot about throat cancer that I talk entirely too much to have to use one of those voice thingys that make you sound like a robot so I vowed to quit. Since then I rock about one cigarette a year usually partnered with a martini of sorts. I think this year though I am up to about 5, including last night’s.

I know it’s the edge I am looking over when cupcakes give me hard sugar crashes, Diet Coke makes me nauseous, and big sloppy cheeseburgers don’t bring me the sheer bliss that they were put on this earth to give most food addicts. It’s these vices that make me glad that I never started doing drugs or having sex because I would be in a lot of trouble right now due to excess. Anything done in excess can’t be good for you but the consequences aren’t always the same. I thoroughly understand (well maybe not so thoroughly apparently) that I am supposed to go to the Lord and pray when I am this tense and while that may help my mind, I am not there yet in terms of releasing physical tension which means I should be exercising. Chalk that up to the already long list of things that I should be doing. I think this is where my stress is coming from. I realize that in order for me to move forward in life I need to change some things. I can’t do the same things and expect different results which, by definition, is insanity. And as hopeless as I might sound, I recognize that this is a good thing. I want to make that clear. This tension is a really good thing because sometimes you have to be incredibly uncomfortable to make changes in your life. You need to be very concerned if you are still breathing or even care about the state of your life if you can sleep through a tornado.

I knew something was afoot when the song “Wheel” by Pastor John was floating around in my head. I looked up the lyrics as I always do when a song won’t leave my brain and this is what I found:

People have the right to fly
And will when it gets compromised
Their hearts say "Move along"
Their minds say "Gotcha heart"
Let's move it along

My right to fly got compromised when I started thinking that because I was turning 35, I couldn’t pursue certain things anymore. Something clicked. Turning 35 all of the sudden seemed like a lame excuse to not do things. I have no ties whatsoever. Once my heart said it was time to start moving and my mind was in agreement, all hell broke loose! It was as if someone (like I don’t know Who) was saying “Finally, you are ready to make an impact with your life. Before you do though, this has got to go, this won’t work anymore and there is no way that you are going anywhere with this U-haul of baggage. You can't continue like this.” It’s like being prepared for a big trip to where you have no idea where you are going but you hear the clock ticking and the train approaching. All you know is that you better get ready for it because it may be the last train coming to take you where you need to be.

There are a few things that I am certain of that I am not ready to share here yet. What I can share is that during this time of tumultuous transition to only God knows what, the hardest thing to do is to not be regretful; to not feel guilty for dealing with the same weaknesses that I have always had. I know I would be further along in my life and not be on this crash course of self improvement if only I would’ve been working on things more consistently in my life. For example, managing money is a weak area for me. Before I would just be a little broke. Now? Little mistakes are costing me a lot of money. The old way of doing things (or not doing things) just isn’t working anymore and it can’t for where I am going…wherever that is. Good grief.

I do not like 2009. Not one bit.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

For no good reason - Tia

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your creation.



Rep yourself - Tia

Okay, I want to try something new. I know we have a variety of people who read this blog. We have some long time readers and we have some new lurkers.

So what I'd like to know is who you are, where you're from and how you found us. Hit us up in the comments section. Something like: Tia - Atlanta, c0-founder of BGLU.

I promise, we won't spam you or anything. I'm just curious where everyone is coming from.
Face from the Milk carton - Tia

Ummm....what happened to Craig David? I LOVED him. I remember I bought an import copy of Born to Do It from Tower Records (RIP) for something like $30 because it hadn't been released in the states. The cd was my joint. 7 Days was kind of triflin' (Met this girl on Monday/Took her for a drink on Tuesday/We were making love by Wednesday...Really?!?!?! After 2 days...ummm...triflin') but I ran it endlessly. Actually, I really enjoyed that entire cd.

What happened to him for real? How did he just fall off the planet like that?

Dear Craig David,
Please come back. And not just because you're British. That does help though.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Okay, for real....- Tia

Everyone has been talking about the whole Kelly Clarkson/Beyonce thing. In my opinion the whole this is being blown out of proportion. Maybe I just don't have a good enough ear, but to me they don't sound enough alike for there to be this much uproar.

Okay...I just found this. Please disregard the above statement...Moving on.

This right here is a not even cute.

I was working in my office upstairs and I had the digital R&B station playing downstairs. I found myself humming along to what I thought was Mary Mary's God in Me. The only reason I even really started paying attention is because I realized that the lyrics that I was singing weren't matching the ones that we coming out of the speakers. The reason they didn't match is because it wasn't Mary Mary at all. It was former Destiny's Child back up singer...errr...I mean former MEMBER Letoya.

Now I understand that songs are going to sound alike. It's inevitable. But this is almost disrespectful. I have so many questions, and not enough answers. That Mary Mary album has been out a while. Since at least last year. Letoya's album isn't even out yet. With God in Me in heavy rotation, one would think that the power's that be would think twice about releasing a song that is IDENTICAL to one that is currently a mainstay on the charts. I've seen the God in Me video on MTV Hits, MTV Jams, and VH1 Soul. This isn't a small song. It's getting played on mainstream radio.

I wonder if the person who gave the song to Letoya didn't think that Mary Mary's version would go anywhere because they're a Christian group....Or maybe they didn't think anyone would notice since neither MM or Letoya are huge stars like Beyonce and Kelly.

Whatever the case, in my opinion it's a punk move.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So Let Me Get THIS Straight...

They pick another non-singer to judge a SINGING competition? I can't...

What's that in the distance? I think it's Jesus coming on a white horse...and I am ready!!!

Paula Abdul Already Replaced by Victoria Beckham?!

Paula Abdul Already Replaced…by Victoria Beckham?!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Popozao is at It Again...Lord help.

Source: Kevin Federline Filming Reality Show Pilot

Kevin Federline has been living a relatively low-key life since splitting from Britney Spears — but the onetime rapper and backup dancer may be stepping back into the spotlight with a new reality show, a source tells PEOPLE.

Federline, 31, was spotted at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Thursday where he’s in town to film scenes for the show’s pilot, a source says.

The possible program, which has not been officially picked up, will focus on showcasing Federline’s life as a father of four. He has two sons with Spears — Jayden, 2 1/2, and Preston, 4 — as well as two children with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson.

“He has been through a lot over the years, but handled himself very well. He’s learned how to balance being a super single dad and the chaotic life of business, fame and fortune,” says a source. “He strives to be a good father.”

After shooting scenes for the pilot at the Hard Rock beach pool, Federline and his girlfriend Victoria Prince, partied with a group of about 15 friends — and a camera crew — at the club Wasted Space where they sipped on Grey Goose cocktails until about 3:00 a.m.
Federline’s rep had no comment. – By Marla Lehner and Jennifer Garcia

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No one on the corner has swagger like him - Tia

We would like to wish Barack Hussein Obama a very Happy Birthday. The flyest president of the free world turns 48 today. He makes it look good doesn't he?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Naomi Sims, a True Supermodel. You are loved and will be missed.-BGLU

From Examiner.com

The first African American model to grace the cover of ‘Ladies Home Journal’ has died of cancer at age 61. She has also been dubbed the first African American 'supermodel.'

She was born in Mississippi and grew up as a foster child in Pittsburgh. Sims modeled in the late 1960s, and according to her Web site, appeared on the cover of 'Life' magazine in 1969.

She mingled with the likes of Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, but in 1976 focused on a line of beauty products for African American women called the Naomi Sims Collection. She has also written five books on health, beauty, and success for the African American woman.

According to Newser, early on in her career she said, “It’s ‘in’ to use me… and maybe some people do it when they don’t really like me. But even if they are prejudiced, they have to be tactful if they want a good picture.”
Good and Bad Hair - Tia
I read about this documentary by Chris Rock several months ago in Essence magazine and have been anxiously awaiting it's debut.

After his daughter ran into the house and asked why she didn't have good hair, Chris Rock set out to discover the roots (no pun intended) of where the whole good and bad hair debate began. I have to say that I have fallen victim to the whole fallacy of straight = great. I remember growing up wishing I had hair like my Mexican friend Theresa. I didn't want white hair because I was taught that they smelled like dog when their hair got wet. (I'm saying...that's what the old folks told me.) Theresa never smelled like dog after we got out the pool. And she went home showered and let her thick Hispanic hair air dry into perfect spiral ringlets. I on the other hand, had to go home, shower, blow dry, grease, hot comb, grease, curl, grease...well, you get the idea. Finally, my mother just couldn't take it anymore and I was put in braids. It was either that or I couldn't go to the pool everyday.

Oh the beautiful kanekalon extensions....how I loved to swing them momos back and forth. I finally had hair that moved and I loved it. In my defense, I didn't know any better. Because if mass media was to be believed, if your hair wasn't straight and silky ala "good" then you weren't really about anything.

Fast forward to high school, I still LOVED swimming. I swam varsity until my junior year. But swim practice every day on black girl hair is not the business. So, after taking them out for the beginning of high school, it was back to the braids I went. And in the braids I pretty much stayed until about 3 years ago. It was then that I discovered "The Press." Yes, child. A good blow dry and a marcel iron and I was no longer trapped by the lye. (For my white readers, that isn't a typo. Lye used to be the main ingredient in the chemical relaxers black woman (and a few men) used to straighten our hair. I don't think most good relaxers use lye anymore though.) My hair was silky, smooth and if I'm being honest a bit more fine than I expected it to be. (That was a bit of a let down. My stuff was almost wispy...insert wah-wahh face here.) Unbeknownst to me, I had the proverbial "good hair." And I began to notice a trend. White guys who normally wouldn't really talk to me when I had twists, (see photo)
found me less threatening. I got numerous compliments on how great my hair looked and "how soft" it was. The latter usually coming from well meaning people of...ummm...non-color. It was amazing the transition that occurred simply from straightening my hair. And I realized how easy it would be to get caught up in the whole "good hair" mindset. If I were so inclined, I could believably proclaim, "I have Indian in my family." And on plenty of occasions after I got my hair highlighted (oh I will ROCK a highlight) , I have been mistaken for or asked if I was mixed and/or Hispanic. I don't see EITHER when I look in the mirror. But whatever...It would be very easy for me to slip into the high and mighty "I'm light, I'm right" mentality if I were less secure in my blackness.

But my black is beautiful. And not just because my hair is straight. Not just because my skin is caramel. And I wish more black women realized that their black is beautiful too, regardless of the texture of their hair or the color of their skin. We must do better to affirm ourselves and affirm our sisters, daughters and anyone else we may know who struggles with knowing that they're beautiful.

I encourage all of you to go see this film when it comes out. Maybe it will get the discussion going and maybe it will changes some deep-rooted, long standing, ignorant ways of thinking.