Friday, July 3, 2009

Toya's Lazy Day Ramblings

1. Brandi Sellerz's "A Wonderful Day" is single handedly my favorite song right now so go check it out on her Myspace page at Refreshing. Remember, we told you about Robin Thicke, Adele, Mat Kearney and Laura Izibor WAAAAAY back in the day. You don't want to sleep.

2. I seriously don't know what God has against us being comfortable. Maybe it's because He constantly wants to show us how big He is and the cool plans He has for us.  I am VERY uncomfortable right now. Nashville just seems so...small. I'm a little freaked out but pretty at peace with whatever is next...ok 80% at peace.

3. My hair is boring. I had big fabulous kinky curly hair for 9 years so this Business Casual Barbie haircut has got to go. Will be seeing my hairdresser tomorrow morning.

4. I had a heated debate on Facebook this week with some people that think Mary Mary's song "God In Me" sounds too much like "the world" to be an acceptable gospel song. Church folk make me tired sometimes. I find it very hypocritical that people will excuse a vulgar song that has lyrics that go against what they believe that the bible is against because the beat sounds tight but will not excuse a song that has Godly lyrics because it makes them want to dance. Please.  I was PISSED. Still am. I wholeheartedly believe that the church is partially to blame for BET and the state of urban music today because we have failed to encourage artists to use their gifts outside of the church walls. It really sickens me. 

5. So I have lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks and I feel pretty good. I wouldn't say I am a vegetarian but I gets down with vegetables way more now than ever and without having one salad to boot. God bless the day when I remembered that potatoes are vegetables. Say what you will but again, I lost 8 pounds. I am taking my first yoga class tomorrow. Here's to agility.

6. I need Anthony Hamilton and Ginuwine to do an intervention with Jamie Foxx and teach him how to make music appropriate for a grown man. 

7. So...Michael Jackson and I ARE NOT getting married? Still can't fully believe that. And how hot is he in those rehearsal clips??????? My baby... I miss him so.

8. Speaking of MJ, ever since he passed away (still can't say the D word) my favorite songs of his have changed immensely. For instance, another part of me is MY JAM. I am also loving Rock My World and I'll Be There. I danced my little heart out the morning after he died to Butterflies after I sat on the bed and cried for a bit. I guess that was my way of celebrating his life. I am not so sad anymore. Now thinking of him makes me smile.

I cannot tell you how many people have said that I was the first person they thought of when Michael Jackson di...still can't type it. I didn't know that people knew I loved him that much. I didn't even know to be honest. I just numbed myself the day of by watching TV which is probably why I didn't cry until the next day. By the way, Butterflies is now my favorite song ever. Put it on the books.

9. I have already put the HR department on my job on notice that if Stevie Wonder leaves here, I am calling out of work.

10. I am sitting outside typing this. I NEVER sit outside but it is too nice out to be inside. It's perfect. Almost like...LA. *Sigh* We'll see...

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