Thursday, July 2, 2009

Open Letter to Drizzy - Tia

Dear Drake,

Congratulations on the EPIC FAIL that is the video for one the hottest songs of the summer, Best I Ever Had. It may easily be one of the worst videos I've seen...ever. First video out of the box and this is what you bring us. Wow...I'm in utter shock at how craptacular this is. You just inked a $3 million dollar deal and THIS is all you got....I guess it can only get better from here...I guess. If I were you though, I would consider reshooting this with better lighting, a better storyline, a better director (Yeah, I'm talking to you Kanye) and better actors...I mean, I guess those girls were "actors" right...? Never mind, they're probably just video girls and that would explain why the delivery from every last one of them was horrid. HORRID, I SAY!!!

Oh and before I forget, kudos on being able to objectify all of the following in under 5 minutes: women, female athletes, strippers, and mascots. That is no small feat.

Anyway, I'm still a fan of the album. As a lyricist, I'm more than just a little impressed by your flow. So I'm looking forward to the album "officially" dropping in the fall. And hopefully it will include some new stuff. But until then, you get the gas face and a Boo Negro Boo from BGLU.

Kind Regards and Boy, Do Better,


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