Thursday, July 2, 2009

Also in Drake News - Tia
This will be the last of it. I promise.

So I finally got a chance to see the BET awards. Overall, it gets a fail from me. Michael would not be pleased. I'll keep my eye out for the real tribute.

And I finally got to see the end performance with Drake, Wheezy and the children. Yeah, where is DFCS when you need them? I was SCREAMING mad as I watched it. All I could think was whose children are those and where is yo' mamma at?!?!?!? But ALLEGEDLY, there is an explanation for why the junior high dance troop was on stage.

Word on the curb is that one of the little girls is Wayne's daughter. Apparently, when he went up to accept his award she was too far back in the auditorium to make it onstage with him. She was said to be inconsolable back stage for missing her opportunity to stand behind her father in front of thousands of people. (Or maybe she's smarter than we think. Maybe she was upset about not getting to go on stage because she knows her dad is NOT going to be winning too many awards outside of BET. This may have been her only shot....hmmm...moving on.) Wayne, being the father of the year, decided that to make it up to the girl he would let her "dance" with him during his performance to close the show. Her appearance was neither planned nor rehearsed.

Now this child being the Ride or Die chick she is didn't want to leave her girls out (they have some little group together called OMG) so she invited them to go on stage with her. How thoughtful...I'm sure their mothers were happy to see them.

So that f*ckery we saw was just a product of bad parenting. So I have upgraded the performance from EPIC EPIC EPIC FAIL to EPIC PARENTING FAIL. But my first question is, what made Wayne think that letting his pre-teen daughter dance to a song about sleeping with every girl in the world was a good idea? Do we have NO morals and standards left? But then again, it's her dad. So she's probably heard each and every one of his lyrics.

Honestly, it saddens me that this is what so many of our people have allowed themselves to become. Minstrels, bad parents, promiscuous...the list goes on and on. We already live in a hyper-sexualized country. So to encourage that behavior in children SO YOUNG truly hurts my heart. We have dropped the ball and I don't know if we can recover from the fumble.

I usually try to end my stuff with words of encouragement. But right now, I have nothing....

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