Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Toya's Random Ramblings

1. If Tia does not hurry up and post the tomfoolery that commenced when she talked to Donnie Wahlberg AGAIN last week, I am going to post her phone number on this blog. I mean, some people just DO NOT change. Am I a player hater? Yes indeed I am a player hater. I hate when people play too much. Case closed..

2. Dear Mos Def,

The answer is yes and anytime after 7 o’clock pm. ANY time. Love, Toya

Don’t judge me. You have NO idea what I am talking about. How do you know that he didn’t ask me something about…umm…when is the best time to drive to Atlanta from here? You don’t know...

3. I have been thinking a lot lately about fault and responsibility. Meaning, let’s say someone hurts you. Someone that you probably should’ve exercised more discernment whether you should let them into your life or not. The consequences may be the fault of everyone involved but at the end of the day you are the one responsible for what happened. You are also responsible for what happens from here on out. You are responsible for learning the lesson, not repeating the lesson. You are also responsible for your own healing and you are responsible for letting it go and forgiving. I think a lot of us can’t let stuff go because we don’t take responsibility on ALL accounts and are too busy placing blame. If you don’t, you can wallow in guilt for a long time and be tied to some foolishness that really stopped mattering a really, really, REALLY, long time ago. Moving on…

4. There is a possibility that I may be interviewing an artist that I am absolutely bananas about for another website. I have been practicing everyday. I won’t tell anyone (besides those who already know) until RIGHT after it happens. I really hope I can get it because it would be huge for me.

5. David Carradine: Just kidding. Aint no way in the world I am gong into that.

6. Adam Lambert: People act like this is the first time someone gay has been on American Idol. It’s a singing competition…in Hollywood. Soooooo…

7. I am contemplating doing the Shred workout by Jillian Michaels. One of my friends said that she decided to do Bob’s over Jillian’s because she saw a clip of Shred and didn’t want to die. I am going to need some sort of accountability before I decide because committing to this would greatly go opposite to my nature of being, well, non-committal.

8. I just heard the song “Birthday Sex” for the first time during my lunch break. This bullshishery is the number one R&B/Hip Hop (stupid and a shame that they combined these two genres on Billboard. it's killing radio) as of last week and people wonder why I keeps me an old school mix-tape in my car. I have rewound Mint Condition’s “You Send Me Swingin’” every day for the past two months and I don’t feel no ways tired.

9. I saw Coldplay this past Saturday. If you like them even a little bit, I suggest you go see them. Incredible. I am not half as good as Tia is at writing reviews so I will just say that they are worth every penny. I still want to slap Chris Martin for the segue from the house version of Viva La Vida during the set change going into Politik. That was SO ill.

10. I am bored and restless waiting for the next step. I just feel like things have been bubbling all year. I just don't know for what yet. At least I feel like I am closer. I feel like Tia is too.

11. I would like my Nick Cannon now, please.

12. 2009 has GOT to be better than this. Don’t stop believin’.

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